Well done democracy.

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the political situation of Pakistan is not due to its own circumstances but due to the conspiracies written somewhere else.

Well done parliament of Pakistan.

The traditional duplicity of the west came to light when it pushed good for nothing political party and a foreign nationality holder western stooge to create an impasse in the usual functioning of the state of Pakistan by discursive method. The pseudo -religious leader who is the hypocrite of the first rank delivered his devilish sermons as the Satan of the paradise lost but in two mediums. He instigates the people in Urdu to suffocate the elected prime minister of Pakistan by putting thumb on his life vein ,to tear off him , and preaches ‘peeeeeeace’and democracy (I will call his preaching a demon cracy) in English . He is an ugly face and a blot in the name of religion and democracy. Both the container holders are playing second fiddle to the west. There are some unscrupulous people including retired military personnel and a very notorious journalist of anti nationalist channel who are perhaps on the pay roll of some foreign agency of the enemies of Pakistan.
What is this furor over nothing? Resignation, resignation, resignation is the only jargon being divulged by the relative of Jews and decimate the elected parliament leaders and demolish the state emblems is the other jerk of the Canadian mullah. They have gone too far too far from reason. Perhaps there is method in their madness like the hamlet of their master’s literature. They are still waiting for godot but perhaps the fate of Pakistan has changed. The honorable leaders of my country have risen to the occasion. The military leaders deserve a tribute who well understood the conspiracy behind the futile sit inns. Very timely decisions were made by the political hierarchy to let the resignation demanding stooge and Canadian mullah expose themselves.
Always changing stances and statements which are cheaper: cheaper than the puns of buffoons and clowns have literarily exposed them. Only one of their aims has partially been achieved in the form of cancellation of the visit of Chinese president. The international conspiracies are very deep rooted and have many concealed aims. Both these acrobats became tissue papers due to their eternal dreams of ruling Pakistan. But it is the land of pure and never permits the evil mongers and bad intentions to rule over it.


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25th Oct 2014 (#)

good post and thanks for sharing it with us.

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