What Has President Obama Done to Earn The Nobel Peace Prize?

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This is an article asking the question as to what has President Obama done so far to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why Was this Prize Won

In our nation's history the Nobel peace prize has been given to only the highest promoters of peace. President Obama has done some things to promote peace, but (in my opinion) not nearly enough to earn the Nobel Peace Prize.

History tells us that the Nobel Peace Prize is normally given out to people who have done extensive work to promote peace or equality. The most famous example of a recipient of the Nobel peace prize was Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a leading activist in the Civil Rights Movement. This is what earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Reasons why he did not deserve this prize
He has imposed more tax increases on middle America than any other president. Some people might say,"Well this is a good thing we can pay off our debt." Except that was not what the tax increases were for. The tax increases Obama signed off on are mainly used to fund his costly stimulus package. He also issued a bill that will aid in healthcare. This bill's cost will burden our grandchildren, and it only effects 12 million people.

Many people are probably thinking, what does this have to do with peace? It does not have to do with today's peace as much as it does the future's peace. He was given this prize in the first place because people expected him to promote peace in the future. So far his bills are making our future worse. The Stimulus bill did nothing to add jobs to our economy. According to this article if the expansion that the stimulus package offered lasts for 10 years the cost will be $3.27 trillion dollars. This is a massive amount, and if anything it will harm the peace of our nation by putting more people out of work.

The Stimulus package is not supposed to last 10 years, but (as seen in the past) government processes can be very slow. Do we really want to put another financial burden on our children. Is it fair for us to directly effect their future by passing overgrown bills.



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author avatar Denise O
2nd Apr 2011 (#)

No it is not fair and no he does not deserve the Nobel Peace prize. Why they gave it to him is a joke. Martin Luther King deserved one because, he was a promoter of civil rights and he earned it by his actions and not by his 'going" to do something. I do not think Obama is a promoter of peace, we now have three wars going on. When President Obama took over, we had two fronts but, we were already getting out of Afghanistan and working to get out of Iraq. Obama wanted to fight the "Good war", his words not mine. That is why he increased more troops in Afghanistan. Now he has three fronts with Libya. Unreal huh. As far as the money, when America is broke and we are stretched to the limits, our peace is in jeopardy, as we become nothing to the world. As much as people hate it, we as America have the clout to do things because we are the super power, when we lose that, we are then nothing. It is all connected. Good points.
Now as far as links go...
TB, add them to all the articles you can. This gives your reader more of a chance to go back to your other pages. If a article does not fit the subject you are writing about, you can add them at the bottom. Just put something like... For more stories by TBruff13, insert the title and then use the title as the link. Do not overload the reader, as you want the reader to stay on the first page and then maybe hit another of your stories. My best advice for new comers is, go look at the star page category, just hit that category and keep reading & LOOKING. See how they do it, that's how I learned. Good luck.:)

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author avatar Jonathan
4th Apr 2011 (#)

I agree with Denise on this. Obama getting the nobel was totally absurd if we look at it the way we are supposed to. If not, we can see it as some kind of welcome to the club ceremony, where he was awarded, not for peace, but for winning the elections and becoming the president that will bring the US closer to socialism.
You write about interestings things. Keep writing!

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author avatar TBruff13
5th Apr 2011 (#)

To you both I thank you for your feedback, and I can't wait until we disagree on something wow will that be a great day. I love hearing your points of view.

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