What Respect?

Deepti Sharma By Deepti Sharma, 19th May 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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These just some thought on the Delhi Rape Victim case. Just my opinions and thoughts. Not blaming anyone. Just have a read. =)

What happend?

Why is it that the people of a nation, where the devotion to the female God is part of the culture, are involved in such actions. In a nation that bears, the great Vedas, Upanishads, Purana, the scriptures that are lessons to life and a civil society, such ills are present. It boggles my mind.

If clothing determined the character and personality of a person, then a homeless naked child in an underdeveloped nation would be the worst thing on this planet. Why is it that people still look at women with different than normal clothing as a target for sexual abuse without a second thought. Something that frustrated me.

Thinking about it, out of many reasons, one major reason why such thoughts and actions prevail in such a highly and ancient society is because of the mind set of the people. It is the mind-set of the people, that has been manipulated and influenced in a way that, less clothing, has become a sign for ’she is calling for it’. That it is the woman who is intentionally provoking the emotional thoughts of the men, and forcing them to be engaged in such actions. It is the outgoing personalities of the women, that are instigating these ills. It is the women, with the liberal and progressive thinking that ruin it for the rest of the females of the society. Do these arguments make any sense to a logical person? Do these qualities become a curse and make them a target for disrespect and abuse? It was a woman, who brought a man into this earth. It was a woman, who breast-fed a man, for protection. A woman, who was in pain, while bearing a man for nine months and nurturing till they are capable of standing on their own feet. It was a woman. Such thinking is of a male dominant society without a reason. One thing is for sure, that such males are not to be blamed alone.

As they say, that you are what you eat. A similar analogy can be deduced for this situation, you are what you see. We all are influenced by what we see. We live in a generation of advancement in all fields of society. May it be science or technology or may it be entertainment or politics, we have seen a rise in standards. The standards of the Indian media are the ones that are in sync with the western world. The promotion of the west standards and western way of living. A nation like India, that has a different way of life, a different culture, and a different society, is trying to desperately adopt the thinking of the west, as promoted by the media. The promotion, too, is selective. The heights and the advancement seen in the west, though, is not promoted. The objectification of women in Indian media is far more greater, than the western film industry. Let us take a typical story of the Bollywood. A guy gets attracted to a girl, but the girl doesn’t feel the same way. The male dominating nature of a male, doesn’t let him accept defeat, and in the end he gets the girl. Basically, the girl bows down and settles for the guy. As far as entertainment goes, it is perfectly acceptable. The problem arises when these stories become the reality for some people. It becomes a hurdle, when the media finds it acceptable and makes it promotional for the TRP for their channels. The impression that, this leaves on the young developing minds is that, in the end you need to get the girl. The harsh reality is that, there may or may not be a happy ending to such situations. If there is not a happy ending in reality, the ‘man’ in a guy awakens and gets the girl at any cost, even if it means to, rape her and ruin her life. The media has the power, to influence the society. It should be part responsibility of the media to also promote civility and basic ethical morals for our youth. Not saying that we need to up bring a conservative and extremist lads, but a youth that is liberal and progressive with basic human ethics and values, something that is irrelevant to religion and faith, and for a better living.

Media is one part of our society that can play a role in morally educating, but another component is the natural and home upbringing of the person. Respect, something that is taught to us from kindergarten, also needs to be emphasized by parents and receptively learned by the child. These morals come from behaviours of the parents towards others, as their child looks up to them. If in a household, there is such a situation where there is decreased respect for the mothers, daughters, sisters and other female members of the household, by the male member, it is natural for the male young child to accept such actions to be, normal. This decreases the child’s respect towards other female members of the society.
Respect is something that is received in plenty, when given in plenty. It is a basic human value regardless of faith, religion, and society. Those kindergarten moral stories were taught to us for a better way of living. The moral of honesty, helping in the society, and respecting, to name a few, were not just for the storybooks, but for us to integrate them in our daily lives of civility. Adapting to a civil way of living, maybe hard and “uncool” as some say it, but civility is something that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Some lessons that were taught to us were meant to be with us forever and not just limited to exams. Maybe, we all need to review those morals again, to limit such ills and thinking in our society, with the help of parents, media and scriptures. The way to live is buried deep in them, its just a matter of time to realize, how to drink their true nectar and move forwards to a progressive way of living.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th May 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Deepti. I feel the issue was always there but most people took care. Even today, it is not safe for a woman to venture out alone at midnight in most countries, almost anywhere. Women attract more attention than men and they are portrayed as a sexual object by media. We should just tell no with some help from the women themselves! The heady-mix is when our films are mixed with alcohol. Then the strata of society where many come to cities to work alone and mix with like-minded. When they are inebriated they behave strangely especially towards women. I would suggest to take maximum care and not take things for granted - siva

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author avatar Deepti Sharma
1st Jun 2013 (#)

Yes it is true that the approach from both males and females are there and the thing is in an idealistic world, everyone would listen to each others advice and learn. What I strongly feel, is that instead of blaming it on the opposite sex, we can learn to control the emotions. The feel that the vulnerability in humans today is greater than ever, and most people carry a false ego just to fit in. I feel the control over emotions would be the biggest win for both women and men.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
9th Jul 2013 (#)

Interesting points.There's no pleasure in this type of behaviour.Woman must be respected.Its really sad.

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