What Role for The Founders of The Polisario?

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Every year, on the occasion of the commemoration of the anniversary of the Green March, many analyzes will re-emerge to share the importance of this event to the exceptional historic times.

What Role for The Founders of The Polisario?

Every year, on the occasion of the commemoration of the anniversary of the Green March, many analyzes will re-emerge to share the importance of this event to the exceptional historic times. Several writings will trace the evolution of the political conditions that prevailed before, during and after the popular epic. Observers and many citizens who closely follow the progress of the international negotiations on the Moroccan Sahara issue, the direct and indirect negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations for decades, are however, the absence of a centerpiece in the diplomatic-political puzzle that is the role to be played by ex-founder of the Polisario, which had returned to Morocco to meet the famous slogan launched by the former monarch: "Homeland is mild and merciful. "
If in the past the Sahara issue was almost monopolized by former Interior Minister Driss Basri, which had monopolized severe criticism from a large part of the political class and civil society associations calendar, with the advent of the new reign, the approach had changed somewhat, particularly with the creation of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs. Indeed, with this new situation, the Moroccans had hoped that the matter will be dusted off to create a new dynamic to accompany the proclamation of the new autonomy plan as a credible alternative to the self-determination referendum which was mired in quicksand disagreements between the parties.
But apart from the shine effect produced the creation of this organization, public opinion was soon disappointed, since the internal dissensions and conceptual and sometimes personal or tribal differences had been due to enthusiasm if the excitement generated by this initiative. What about the balance of this Council? His silence, his absence from the scene speaks volumes about his inability to draw a clear strategy that would allow the Moroccan state to consolidate its support in the negotiation process and defense of territorial integrity. This silence was clearly illustrated during the painful events of Gdeim Izik! What did tell one of those who joined Morocco, Ramdan Ben Messaoud in this case: "The Corcas- plays no important role. It is an empty shell. It is only to amuse the gallery. "
It is difficult to contradict this statement, but the fact remains that it is legitimate to return the favor to Mr. Ramdan and ask the following question: "What is the role played or played by former founders and executives Polisario who joined Morocco? ".
Public opinion was followed with great interest the rally, Morocco, several founding members of the Polisario, as well as managers and other sequestered in Tindouf camps. This is about more than eight thousand people who have thus preferred to return home. However, attention has focused on Moroccans these tenors, whose return had caused a real earthquake in the ranks of separatists and other puppets in the pay of the Algerian authorities.
All had praised the genius of the late monarch who had no way to skimp on these pillars of the separatist movement can return to the motherland, Klitschko, and a blow to opponents of Morocco and dismantle an entire section of their ideology.
Although it was a certain victory, its effect lasted only that lasts the life of a rose. Installed properly and comfortably surrounded and pampered, the former founders, in their majority, had not fulfilled their responsibilities before history and before the Moroccan people by mobilizing to defend the territorial integrity and to deter, the field separatists and hegemonic opponents. The disappointment was great to see them enjoy enormous privileges, as if their return was conditioned even coined. In any event the feeling of a very large portion of the public who could not understand why the Polisario and the "SADR" continued to benefit from significant support from parts of the international community, while Brahim Hakim was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador, to reverse the trend. Other historic former leaders of the separatist movement have been penned by the former Minister Driss Basri in functions more or less honorary, without having any access to the Sahara, including during the course of preparations for the referendum to be held after the cease-fire in 1991.
Responsibility of the former interior minister was devoted, since knowingly spreading these ex-leaders, he wanted to show the head of state and the Moroccan people that he was able, by his own strategy to solve the problem. Not only this strategy has resulted in a fiasco, but it helped in passing to demobilize many of goodwill that could help curb aggressive momentum of the opponents of territorial integrity of Morocco.
This marginalization has continued to rage, to a lesser degree, even under the new reign, especially with the issue of monopolization of negotiations under the auspices of the UN, by successive foreign ministers who had opened, however, a small gap combining some figures occasionally Sahrawi this process.
That said, among the Sahrawi figures who have distinguished themselves on the political and media scene, it is appropriate to quote Cheikh Biadillah Polisario founder and current president of the House of Councillors, whose brother is an officer of former member first order within the group of Tindouf, who does not hesitate to leap and to tell, without the complex events of the creation of the Front's initial goals focused on the struggle for the independence of the territory of the Spanish colonization and attachment to the motherland. There is also Dahi Ould Sidi Yousssef Akay, whose work at the head of the Association of Missing Polisario has seriously undermined the certainties is pavoisaient masters of Tindouf and some of whom are currently not prosecuted in the courts Spanish for various crimes and torture. Other political figures and activists are struggling to make their voices and is also active on the ground, as is the case of the MP Gajmoula Bent Abbi hear. But this is insufficient given the magnitude of the task.
Governments and all stakeholders in this case are called more than ever to order the mobilization of all the country's potential to counter decisively, the evil plans of our adversaries. Discussed, in particular, to bring out the founding former member of the Polisario Front from their lethargy and encourage them to take part individually or as part of a structure whose implementation remains to be determined.
Still, the Moroccan public opinion remains very attentive to the evolution of the Moroccan Sahara issue, especially Algeria and its offshoots Tindouf will spare no effort to make the case bogged down in UN and meanders to fire wood for all human rights.


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