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The base reason why American racism is manifesting in a degree last seen in the post-reconstruction era


I do not mean to insult anyone. I only admit my experiences.

I have spent some time in America, I did part of my schooling there.
I do not live there.
I do not want to. This is because, as the old South African song, when you are in America you must always ‘be conscious of the colour of your skin.’

When you live in a Country in which you are not made to feel that your colour defines you and arrive in a nation in which it is the first aspect noticed, there must be a mental shift from 'me’ as 'me’ and 'me’ defined by complexion.


When it Started

When it seemed clear to me that Barack Obama was to be the next President of the United States in 2008 I said; “I think there will be backlash when White America realises they put a Black Man in the White House.”

Since that Black Man took the Oath of Office, America has become a very odd place.

A place of blatant racism, a place in which those in Congress do not care how their actions effect the status of America in the World, just as long as it makes the President look bad.

Whether it is voting down health care, defaulting or near defaulting on debts, whether it is twisted policies which benefit no one, (except maybe billionaires) it is as if America has become a “No Go” area.

And the racism of its people has increased to a 1950s extent.


When an American runner beat the Nazi in the 1936 Olympics there was jubilation, until it was realised the American runner was Black.

What happened to Jesse Owens was not pretty. He was no hero, he was not treated as a winner. If he had been white....

In the 1950s, up until 1964, Black Americans were second class citizens. The change in the laws was followed by the policy of Affirmative Action, which resulted in hatred as many whites who had the qualifications were disqualified in respect to a black who did not.

In the early 70s many of these 'Affirmative Action’ policies only created more problems, more resentment. It was this resentment which shoved education down to the pre-60s level.

Today, anyone who can afford it sends their child to a Private School.


In the 1950s, during the Cold War, Education was Important. Public Schools were built and staffed and the level of education was extraordinary. To insure that it was 'fair’ there was the transportation of students from one area to another, so that X school would not be all white.

However, with the old-fashioned rules; i.e. expulsion, suspension, even physical discipline, effort was made to prevent a school from becoming the 'concrete jungle’.

This ended with the death of 'Streaming’. In the past, students were streamed on the basis of ability. Those who could do more were put into classes where they had to do more. Those who could not reach that level were in classes which demanded less.

Those who would benefit from advanced classes were streamed, those who could not achieve would be put into modified classes and then into technical schools, so the loud mouthed fool would not be allowed to interfere in the education of the intelligent child who wants to learn.

This was abandoned so the lowest I.Q. controls the class. Wise parents quickly move their child from a school in which failure is encouraged to a private institution in which excellence is rewarded,


When people ‘have to hire’ to fill a ‘quota’ they select the worst candidates. They select those who can be side lined, whether Flake, Demotivated or so Mundane as to be scarcely qualified.

When necessary, they trot out this Quota Filler to make an idiot of him/herself and sit back and shrug; ‘what do you expect?”

This is because people do not like to be forced to comply, and retaliate by sabotage.

Where it is merit and merit alone, so that those who score above X% are hired, and some are black, some are white, some are women, that is one scenario.

When the deck is stacked so that those who are black will not have the education to score above X%, and those who created the unlevel playing field must hire an ‘outsider’ they scrape the bottom, pop in the least qualified and rejoice in failure.

Racism Explored

The violent reaction of White America to its Black President has manifested in the police murders, the Pool Party incursion, in the massacre in South Carolina.

Racists need excuses for their inferiority. They need to blame others, they need to demean others.

The stupid white blue collar or unemployed feels better about himself when he can look down on blacks. It hurts him that a black man is a lawyer or a doctor, and he is a jackass. So, he wraps himself in complexion and tries to convince himself there is superiority in the lack of melanin.

He rewrites History so as to push himself to the top and others to the bottom; and if that means leaving out hundreds of years of history, that is what it means. If it requires fabrications, than history will be invented to make it seem that the White Race has always been superior.

With the election of Obama, every racist, every white failure, has come out of the woodwork. From the nasty emails pre-Obama’s election, to the creation of the 'Tea Party/Ku Klux Klan’, to the White World’s terror that; “They Are Taking Over!” all fear is because their is a Black Man in the White House.

In terror, the white world circles the wagons. All Blacks are enemies. The cowardice and weakness of the racists is exposed to the entire world. A black fourteen year old girl is as terrifying to a big white man in a police uniform she may as well be seven feet tall with death rays for eyes.

Every racist action, whether in New York City or Texas or South Carolina, is broadcast to the world.

People who are not white, or do not identify as white view America with more than suspicion.

Those who thought the election of Obama was a wonderful event, who believed America would be moving in a positive way, now jump back. America is a racist cauldron, with citizens who admit their racism and evil every day with pride.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Jun 2015 (#)

There were lots of white people who voted for Obama and lots of black people who did not.

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author avatar kaylar
20th Jun 2015 (#)

I was in Orlando in 2008 and saw Obama at the only speech he did. The audience was very mixed. It was not just black.

I think tho', that after he became President, many whites wondered what they had done and were then steppiin back.

The racist, i.e. Palin and the others, stepped forward and pushed a lot of anti-black ideas which were taken up by neutrals.

If the Republicans had put forward a candidate not a Romney nor a Palin nor a McCain, but someone with credibility; perhaps he would not have won the 2nd time.

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author avatar Retired
21st Jun 2015 (#)

Americans responded to race relations legislation since the 50s until Obama, who polarized the nation by throwing free stuff and favor in front of African-Americans instead of letting them, and all Americans of any color, to make themselves all they could be on their own initiative.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Jun 2015 (#)

This is pretty much the view of most white Americans.
The point is, if I am handin out $10 to all those who make less than $400 a week, would it not be skewed against white people?

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
21st Jun 2015 (#)

LeRain's comment is pure balderdash. She should be asked exactly WHAT free stuff and favor Obama threw in front of African-Americans. Her view is not the view of most white Americans, it is only the view of racist whites like her.

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author avatar Retired
21st Jun 2015 (#)

It always amazes me that people describe Obama as black. He is not. He is mixed race and therefore just as white as he is black.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Jun 2015 (#)

It depends on how one identifies themselves.

I have always felt that his American Grandparents had a very important input into his character, which has been overlooked.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Jun 2015 (#)

A lot of Americans became very afraid when they realised that one of Them would be in the White House.

He would align with 'his people' against Whittes and...

This fear is why Americans can turn down free health care.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
21st Jun 2015 (#)

I was brought up (in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s) with the belief that we should treat every person with respect and should never hate anyone because of the colour of their skin. I have known people from all over the world Obama shares two things with my son, hailing from a mixed family and having a Kenyan parent. I abhor anyone who believes that a white person is superior in any way to any other race, they are not - I may be white but each person should be treated with respect.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Jun 2015 (#)

Did you read Roofs blog? Insanity plea is off table. Roof owns a position on race....

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author avatar micheal
26th Jun 2015 (#)

john I love it, yes Obama is half white, I reckon culture wise, he is more white than Black. dna only accounts for about 30 percent of our make up, the other 70 percent is learned behaviours. Obama learned in white institutions. What people should be worried about where Obama is concerned is who his parents were and their communist connections, woops ive said to much for Wikinut.

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author avatar kaylar
26th Jun 2015 (#)

Culture trumps colour. You'll find people who are born and/or raised in Jamaica being Jamaicans. Their complexion is less significant than their shoe size.

You'll find people who have gone to England for twenty years return and are foreigners and don't fit...

Obama was raised by white grand parents to be 'white', that is to prize education and a certain civility and I'm sure he had one hell of a culture shock when he went to Chicago.

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