What happened to Birejji?

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Recently, Birejji's Adsense account was suspended. Please continue to read to find out why...

The Important Part

Continuing from the suspension of Birejji's Adsense account, due to this the Admin of Birejji has lost over $1000 dollars. Therefore, as you may see all earnings, pots and even some villages had to be reset to help keep the site alive.

Soon after the suspension Birejji went offline for a couple of hours whilst it changed it's ad network to Chitika.

It is now back online and people are chatting there as usual but are not currently earning any thing.

So What's Happening Next

Well, next the Admin of Birejji will start talks with some members to consult on what changes should be made. Currently he is looking into new ways of paying members instead of just cash.

Amazon Gift Cards would be a good one to choose.


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author avatar Denise O
17th Jul 2011 (#)

I think amazon gift cards would be great also. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Paul
17th Jul 2011 (#)

No, people are NOT chatting as usual! Villages that were set up after the reset due to the Adsense problem have been deleted unnecessarily.

Members spent time recreating their villages, showing good faith in Birejji and that was wiped out at a stroke for no good reason. They were wiped out less than 24 hours after setting them up again - didn't even give the members a chance to promote their recreated villages.

The site obviously doesn't appreciate what the members who recreated their villages was trying to do for and no longer deserves support.

Let's face it, nobody goes there to earn money because there's so little to be earned but we were showing good faith in the site Admin - that was thrown back in our faces!

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author avatar Byteman
17th Jul 2011 (#)

You are right Paul.
Our faith was thrown back on our faces!
Now they are introducing amazon gift cards -What a joke !
It takes approximately 4 months to reach one dollar there - and that too might get reset (this was my experience).
No one used the site for making money. Our faith in Birejji has Shattered.

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author avatar Cast
17th Jul 2011 (#)

The amazon gift's card's sound good hey maybe even Barnes&Nobles

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author avatar wjack2010
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Paul This is what happened straight after it's Adsense was suspended and is not about what happened today, I just submitted a part two about that and waiting for it to be reviewed and published.

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author avatar wjack2010
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Denise Yes, I'd like Amazon Goft Cards as then I can purchase books and other things that I would like.

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author avatar Bugsy
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Paul, You think Earning in Birejji is only the things you could do? Why not try to gain more friends instead of earning in birejji coz if you got more friends then you will have more referrals on some other site that you can earn better.
Also all the village (room) creator doesn't follow the rules (TOS) and doesn't care about it. they just make room for own good not for Birejji. they don't even tell to the room members what is DO's and DONT's that is why this happen. others created their room then deserted it and never return on that room so the site getting messy because of too much room creation but no one is online. you tell you have faith in Admin? then why you are telling this? if you have faith in him them wait for what he can do coz he is making something to make the site better again. just don't tell anything yet coz it is still on process and he is doing what best he can do.

Admin is very supportive only he got ton's of email regarding report by all members but they are also the one who make the mistake. those spammer, cheaters and mostly the Moderators when they got ban or demote they will email admin that they are ban and telling him that they don't do anything.

It's only a matter of time and too much negative already has been tell. not a good move to make

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author avatar Danijela (noamne)
18th Jul 2011 (#)

I'm agree with Paul i think that admin doesn't appreciate that what we've done for birejji. it looks like he's joking with us,and no way that adsense continue blocking his account,because once blocked it's really difficult to turn it back again,and as i see admin continue using adsense...so for me birejji is going to be scam and i'm not interested in amazon cards. yes,it's true,i don't chat in birejji to earn some cents but i'm disappointed because admin doesn't says true to us...
I really liked birejji but no more...we deserve to know what happend without lies...regards

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