What is Casting Couch ?

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Casting couch is prevalent all over teh world and teh genesis is that women are desired and many want to rise up at any cost.

A Fact of life

What is the casting couch? I have heard about it but have not experienced it. But the air is thick with tales of the casting couch. It really means that a woman to rise up in a career or get a job must sleep with the power that is. The word initially started from Hollywood films, where it is common that to get a role a young girl despite having talent must sleep with the producer or director.

It basically means that in the AD and film world a woman or girl cannot get a role or an AD shoot without giving sexual favors. Big money is involved and the act of sleeping with men who have the power is part of the game. Many film producer’s and directors have been charged with rape for this act, but there is not a single conviction as the girls generally withdraw their complaints. You can’t fight a crocodile in its own waters.
One may feel this phenomenon is confined to the AD and film world, but in fact it pervades all walks of jobs.

Recently a 32 year old Additional Judge a lady resigned her post as she alleged that a high court judge wanted to bed her and had called her to his bungalow. This incident took place in the Madhya Pradesh High Court. The Supreme Court ordered an enquiry but nothing happened.

In her letter to the Chief Justice she mentioned this incident as beneath the dignity of a woman. I agree, but unfortunately this is a common phenomenon. It is even more prevalent in the corporate world, where to climb the ladder a woman may have to sleep with the boss or the owner. I do not know if this is correct, but it is very much part of the scenario. I really can't call it a crime, but the genesis is the ambition of young girls to attain the impossible. maybe it's a form of extortion, but as a lawyer I can tell you all that it is very difficult to prove it in a court of law


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