What is Political Correctness

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Political Correctness is term that is used in everyday language. However, what does it really mean?

What is Political Correctness?

What is Political Correctness?

Political correctness is in all our lives, but what is it?
Seem like an easy question – but is it?

We all strive to be treated as an equal to our peers, but we are all different, whether it is our sexuality, skin colour, faith or intelligence. The list is endless.

In the past groups have been formed to promote equal rights for Gays and Black as well as others, but I feel we are now at a stage were these groups are holding back equality just so that they can continue to exist as organisations. Surely by promoting a specific cause, then others are being discriminated against – sound bizarre doesn’t it.

Let us return to equality, a simple need to be treated alike. For example the term “African American” does not suggest equality, it promotes a difference. Another example is the phrase “Little People” to denote someone who is born with Dwarfism, but again it promotes a difference, in fact the very term is patronising. Why do we need these titles, we already have titles – our names.

The average person does not see persons differences, we are far more accepting than civil rights leaders and politicians give us credit for. Homosexuality has always been present in society, so most people don’t bat an eyelid. If anything we don’t care.

Everyday people in the most part treat others as equals; it is the minority who are racist, homophobic or discriminatory.

So back to the question. What is political correctness?

It is a mechanism which is used by the civil rights groups and governments to convince us we are in need of enlightenment. We are not perfect, there is inequality in life, but we will get there. However we do not need others to tell us how to do it.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Jan 2011 (#)

by forcing people to be politically correct, we create more hatred I think.

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author avatar thespeakman
19th Jan 2011 (#)

That is a very good comment Mark - one that i cannot disagree with

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author avatar Retired
21st Jan 2011 (#)

Excellent article.

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