What is pewter?

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Pewter is an alloy, which means it is a mixture of metals. The basis of pewter is tin. It is generally mixed with lead in the proportions of six or four parts tin to one part lead.

History of pewter

Pewter has been made for thousands of years, though it is hard to be exact about it. It is said to have been known to the ancient chinese, the Egyptians, and the greeks. The ancient romans made it, too.
Pewter is usually associated with England, and there is a reason for this. In cornwall there were mines with deposits of fine tin, and so the English made pewter in very early days, and tin from cornwall was used for making pewter in other parts of Europe.
Pewter has been used for three basic purposes: for church vessels, for domestic needs, and in civic functions. Chalices of pewter have been used in church services in England since medieval times.
In England, pewter became popular for use in plates and cups. But in time, the richer people began to prefer silver, and so the middle classes used pewter in place of silver.
In france, pewter was used for drinking vessels, plates, salt-cellars, and cooking pots as far back as the fourteenth century. Germany had a pewter industry established in the fourteenth century, and at about the same time pewter was also being made in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries.
In the united states, pewter was much used in homes in the early colonial period of production was between 1750 and 1850. Pewter was used for every kind of utensil that was made.
Pewter was also made in china, korea, and japan more than one thousand years ago.


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