What the Planet Jupiter is Made of?

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The fact about what the planet jupiter is made of!

What the Planet Jupiter is Made of?

Our planet Earth is not alone in the Solar System. There are other planets in the Solar System together with our very own Sun asteroids and others. The planets in the Solar System differ in their sizes, in their compositions as well as in their features. They have different environments, some are cold and others are colder, some are hot and the others are hotter. The planet Jupiter is one of these planets. This planet is a large planet compared to the other planets in the Solar System.

The planet Jupiter is located about 778,000,000 kilometers away from the center of the solar system, the Sun. Jupiter is considered as the King of the planets because of its great size. If all the other planets are put together inside Jupiter the planets would be fit inside it. It is bigger than the size of the Earth eleven more times. This is the largest as well as the most massive planet in the entire Solar System.

The planet Jupiter is made up of methane, hydrogen, helium as well as the other gases. Scientist believed that the planet Jupiter is a huge ball of gases and liquids. They also believed that it has no Solid Surface. The great red spot is considered as the most awesome feature in Jupiter. It is a huge red cloud that is located in the planet’s Southern Hemisphere. The scientist believed that the great red spot is a giant storm. The size of the Great Red Spot is sometimes smaller than the planet Earth; however, sometimes its size will reach three times bigger than our planet’s size.

Jupiter also has rings like the planet Saturn. The dark grains of dust and sand made up these rings. However, the Jupiter’s rings are not easily seen unlike the Saturn rings. In the year 1979, the voyager spacecraft sent the information about the very thin and narrow rings of Jupiter. These rings are only visible when seen behind the planet’s right side.

Ganymede is the largest moon in Jupiter as well as in the entire Solar System. The moon named Io is also considered as the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Jupiter has a total of 16 moons.
The scientist did not found any signs of life in the planet Jupiter. We are very lucky to have the planet Earth in where we live. This is the only planet in the Solar System where life is possible.


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