What the true color of summer?

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Summer brings a lot of sunshine and freshness along with trails of dust. The sun just makes all the dust and grime more visible in our living rooms and bedrooms.

What the true color of summer?

Summer brings a lot of sunshine and freshness along with trails of dust. The sun just makes all the dust and grime more visible in our living rooms and bedrooms. We can easily see streams of dust racing along the rays of sunlight while making the bed or dusting the old lamp.

Did you know? Can some colors make your room appear neater than they are? We all love pristine white walls, maybe a little textured, glistening in the fresh morning sunlight. In truth, how long before dirt starts building and the white walls turn off-white to gray? We need to start thinking beyond white this summer to capture the true essence of the liveliness.

Start small, change big

If you are scared of making actual changes, then we can start small, says painters Longmont CO. Let us start with the color of the ceiling. Most people tend to omit the ceiling from the big home refurbishing plans they have. Sometimes, you do not even need to touch the walls or the furniture, if you can paint the ceiling right.

What are some of the ceiling paint designs you can try this summer to give your home a fresh look?

People do not brave painting the ceiling all by themselves since it is a little tricky. Positioning yourself with the paintbrush, saving yourself from drips and keeping balance can be a challenge. If you have big plans for your ceiling, call a professional. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can try one of the following ideas –

i. Muted stripes

These are great for modern living rooms and bedrooms. Muted stripes can be in off-white and gray or combinations of the lightest shades of green. Adding a touch of yellow imbibes a sense of warmth in the entire room.

ii. Radiating patterns

These are the next most useful patterns that create a cheerful ambiance in the room. Lavender, light sky blue, and light pink are ideal for painting your ceiling. Alternate with an off-white for adding an affable charm to your interiors. Pick the base of a central fixture, like a chandelier or a ceiling fan as your origin of radiation.

iii. Hives

This is possibly the most complicated of the lot. You need to calculate and map out the hexagons to make the design symmetric. We have seen many people use artist’s tapes for sectioning the hexagons of the hives.

iv. Textures

For the best results, you should consult a professional painting company. This should be less than a couple of hours’ work for any expert. Creating DIY textures is not impossible either. You will need a reliable stencil and some practice. You can create floral or paisley motifs easily with 3D printed stencils.

If you are tired of the monotony in your living room, dining room or bedroom, you should add a dash of color to the ceiling. This is easier since you do not need to rethink the drapes and new decors. It is a pocket-friendly way to add some fun to your life.


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