Whatever the news is, your own expectations of life are more important to you

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Sick on the dream or nightmare? Well, we must get real with ourselves and consciously do without regard to what is told to us, how it is told to us, and without that ghost of fear behind our actions. In this article, I am not going to pull any punches:

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Death, destruction, havoc, and misery is what we get fed every day from news sources in so many different ways without much ceasing or "let up". But here is where it stops: We must take responsibility for what goes in and what comes out. We must all be realistically thinking in our processes, not so much logical.

The "logic" of outer authority "running everything" got us into a mess that we can get out of if we genuinely understand that we can get out of it. But, here is the catch, if we do not allow ourselves to understand reality without the filters, how can we really live in reality?

Well, here is the non-answer: We fake it until we make it, impressing everyone with our show but ourselves, and we know the truthful reality of that. The genuine answer is just the opposite of that, but who wants to be real no matter how much it initially costs them? Not many. In fact, considering the seeming chaos, reality seems scary and fearful even in some ways. A big lie from outside does seem more orderly and fantastically easy. But, ultimately, that approach is harder. So, this is the rock, and this is the hard place: Being on your own without support from an establishment seems scary, but real power without the props or tricks always is, is it not?

So, I testify life is always more than bad news. It is all the events in our lives, especially the ones we must be grateful for with their goodness that are not known too well to others. We must consider the fact that what is outside of us does not matter and what is inside of us matters the most.

We become what we think about.

Sure, I lifted the title of this section from Earl Nightingale and his "Strangest Secret", but, those six words really are the most important thing we need to know about life. For we want to become what is good over what is bad, even the worst of us. Do you really think that murderer or thief deep down wants to commit their crime? No, they really want to be virtuous. They do not want to earn their virtue, that is why they turn to crime and evil.

To the honest person virtue comes naturally, although even for the honest person it takes work. Evil people do not want to do that work, that is why they turn to evil and destructive behavior. The evil and destructive person goes on the "assumption" that there is an "easier way". The best way is the good and honest way, but, that "easier" way that is worse is the genuine trap.

So, if we think about good, we get good. If we think about and act on evil, we get evil. My point is that we get what we think about and act upon.

Reality works out to what is, not what we want it to be so much. For when I use those six words in my title, I mean we become what we think about in concert with reality, not outside of reality or against reality in an "easier" way.

Sure, I am a positive thinker, but also, I am a realistic action taker really. When "push comes to shove", the ultimate negative thinking is acting against what is real, honest apparent and genuinely workable. Put into my words what you want as you read them, indeed, I encourage you to think for yourself. You cannot say that I encourage you to act against what is real, honest and realistic though. But, you can say that I encourage you to do what is genuinely right, whatever comes at you, whatever happens, or whatever is needed. Sure, in one sense, life is what we make it. In another sense, life is what is. But either way, we must live in reality, not some insane, twisted fantasy outside of it. Our lives, our choices, our time to work, play and do what we need to do to get what we want. Get it?


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