When Is It Okay To Hit A Woman?

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Clearly that depends on the circumstances, and, it would appear, on the perceived political affiliations of the woman concerned.

When Is It Okay To Hit A Woman?

To begin with, the police are above the law. If you don’t think that is the case, watch that terrible video clip of the murder of Daniel Shaver, then think again. A police officer can strike a woman with impunity, even if the victim is white and he isn’t, as in the first case discussed here. On April 2, 2009, the slightly built Nicola Fisher was assaulted twice, gratuitously, by a police officer at a demonstration in Central London. The assaults were captured on film, the officer was tried, and of course acquitted. And probably would have been even if Miss Fisher had turned up for the trial.

The previous July, the treatment meted out to a considerably older woman was far worse. Pamela Somerville was arrested for the “crime” of sleeping in her car. She may not have been the most cooperative of “criminals” anymore than she was the most dangerous, but she was manhandled by Sergeant Mark Andrews who threw her into a cell face down.

Because this incident was likewise caught on film, there was no denying it. The victim needed stitches, and claimed to have been damaged psychologically. Whether or not she was damselling, if a woman isn’t safe in a police station, where is she safe?

Andrews was charged with causing her actual bodily harm, convicted, sentenced to six months in prison, and sacked. For ordinary mortals, the story would have ended there, but not for those who have the privilege money can’t buy. This thug in uniform spent only six days behind bars before he was freed on appeal, an appeal that was successful. Then it was ordered that he be reinstated with back pay. To his credit, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire fought his reinstatement, but was over-ruled by the High Court. Ultimately, Andrews was docked only 13 days pay.

If police officers can attack ordinary women, women of a certain political persuasion are considered fair game by social justice warriors, especially if they are reporters. This video from the 2016 wimmin’s march in Vancouver shows the gorgeous Lauren Southern being hit not with a human fist but with human urine.

And this one sees another female reporter attacked, this time more conventionally, by a male feminist. As Ezra Levant points out, none of the so-called feminists at this event objected, rather they sided with him. Fortunately, the courts didn’t, neither in the criminal action or the later civil one. That doesn’t mean the streets are safe for female reporters or anyone to walk, but at least any who are assaulted can expect some form of justice. If their assailants are not police officers, that is.


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