When No One Listens, The Coming Collapse

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The United States continues to sit of the largest financial bubble that is about to burst that will send millions directly into the poor house.

When No One Listens, The Coming Collapse

If this following article scares you or makes you think twice about what is going on in Washington behind closed doors, it's meant to. The economic conditions today from years of disingenuous policies, corporate greed, and a banking system of fractional reserve lending have placed the United States on the brink of what could very well the greatest financial catastrophe ever. The chances of this economic and financial debacle that is already poised to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting nation is an almost certainty. It may not occur soon but if nothing is not done to alleviate the financial disaster, like the Titanic the United States will sink under the immense sea of debt.

The warning signs are all around us and yet no one is really paying attention or taking any actions to prevent the inevitable. For years now the US has continued to use the QE I &II methods of financial rescuing of our corporate and financial world to the point that now the US debt has created the largest financial bubble in history. Brace yourself Americans for a turbulent financial upheaval the likes of which will be more devastating than the crash of 1929 and 2008 combined. The dominoes have already begun to fall for a unavoidable economic catastrophe. A devastation so immense like hurricane Katrina and Sandy combined sweeping financial misery upon an unsuspecting nation. Contrary to what our "most trusted" political leaders and main stream media are reporting, the US is sitting on the largest debt bubble in our nations history. A bubble that is at any moment about to burst sending shock waves all around the globe.

Today, the government and the media won't admit it but we are on the verge of triggering the largest financial catastrophe to date. A collapse that will decimate millions of Americans financial stability and security wiping out life savings in an instant. The blunders, the missteps, and even out right criminal activity of the Federal Reserve, and our elected officials in Washington have set this country on a cataclysmic collision course that will burst the financial bubble that has been hanging over our heads for years.

The shocking truth of the matter is, we're already in the early stages of this catastrophe. Nobody in Washington wants to admit that the enormous United States debt is the bubble and it is already on the verge of a monumental collapse. When the news broke recently just in time for the midterm primaries about our debt being significantly reduced, don't be deceived. The debt bubble has only continued to grow steadily since 2009. Today, the hard reality is that our debt poses such a great threat to our way of live it has to be the number one priority of government. And yet, we are being told all is well and fine. It is as thought those in Washington have been in an acute case of denial for years.

This looming, unavoidable disaster stands to impact a massive number of Americans and the devastating effects could begin being felt as soon as late August. Imagine your investment accounts losing as much as 50% of their value overnight. Think back to the way you felt back in 2008 as the S&P 500 dropped by almost 50% over a period of several months. Or think about how helpless you felt when you learned that a "Flash Crash" wiped out nearly a year's worth of market gains in the blink of an eye. Now imagine that same feeling only on a much larger scale as everyone in your family and in your neighborhood sees their wealth disappear virtually overnight. This impact will be life altering. Your job that's if you still have one, well, you can kiss that one goodbye as thousands of businesses would be forced to close, government services will become virtually non existent as emergency spending cuts force the government to shut down even the most basic support. Social Security checks will stop coming and food stamps will not be issued. All of this will trigger a nationwide panic.

You think that is bad enough just wait, prices of commodities things you consume every day like milk, bread and gasoline will soar to levels you once considered unfathomable. At the same time, you most likely be denied access to your savings and retirement accounts as some banks may shut down without notice. And, those government guarantees on savings accounts you can kiss them goodbye too. No more government guarantees. Those too big to fail banks that remain in business will slow their investment and make loans virtually impossible to obtain. Whatever credit cards you may have the credit limits will be practically eliminated and just may stop working altogether.

The warning signs are all around yet not one politician has the guts to say what really is coming or a way to avoid the inevitable. And, that inevitable will be a national nightmare which will impact every American. Are we as a nation about to be blindsided by an economic catastrophe not seen since 1929? Let's first look at the warning signs. We have to realize that our national debt and there is absolutely no disputing that our debt has reached a level that is really beyond comprehension. In 1981 the national debt was at $1 trillion. Today, our national debt level is over $17 trillion. Over the course of just 30 years those in Washington have only used lip service to identify their concerns about our debt. But, ultimately the national debt was not part of their own agendas and like everything else that has come out of Washington has been a complete failure to improve the quality of life for the majority of US citizens. The great income disparity gap is living proof of that. Consequently, today the majority of Americans like our government are flat broke.

Within just that span of 30 years more and more Americans have become so financially strapped that one in four people are now relying on food stamps just to put some sort of sustenance on the dinner table. The prognosis is that the numbers of citizens having to apply for food stamps as well as energy assistance vouchers are only going to grow substantially. This of course continues to increase our national debt as well. The question we all should ask is does a country with a growing number of it's citizens at 25% and rising being unable to afford food and fuel sound like a country that is enjoying a stable and growing economy? Or does it sound like a country on the verge of an economic collapse?

As sobering as those questions are another warning sign that has all the earmarks of a boom about to go bust is happening with the stock market. At this moment corporate insiders are unloading stocks behind the scenes in record numbers. Yet, the media continues to report record numbers that if one didn't know any better would think the US is headed for a record resurgence of economic prosperity. Sad to say that prosperity is only going to flow into the coffers of the 1% and a few lofty politicians. It is the US government, the federal Reserve and corporate big wigs that have pumped up the stock market while artificially keeping oil prices higher each year for the past 4 to five years. This has been done to recoup more profits from the cost of producing oil from shale and fracking. Meanwhile on Main Street the costs of everything we buy continues with this inflationary trend. The cost of living continues to climb.

When we take a good hard look at Main Street today it is only a shadow of what it was 30 years ago. A government now so consumed with policies concerning travesties more so outside our country than from the travesties within. But, there is a way to avoid this impending financial catastrophe and yet no one is really listening for this coming collapse will occur unless we take the time to listen. We have to listen to the few that have understood the consequences of our financial, banking and international trade agreements form the past 40 years that have virtually rendered the United States incapable of avoiding a day of reckoning. Governmental policies that for years have only provided the means for the rich to get richer while Main Street continues to wither and die on that vine of lost opportunities. All one has to do to see the dramatic evidence of this is to walk down through the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, or any other city where gang violence continues it's carnage upon our society.

To right this ship of state and set this nation on a course far away from the storm clouds of financial disaster takes a unified effort. A plan of direction with a common denominator that avails itself to ensure every American a quality of life far removed from the harsh realities of today. To accomplish that there has to be implemented a national reform of just about every governmental agency and department. There also has to be a uniformed consensuses among business leaders as well as elected officials to realize that anything else other than complete reform will prove futile. It is time to realize that the only way to save the United States is through implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation. It is time we all listen and see the warning signs that continue to sound the alarm that time is running out for the American experience.


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this is frightening for sure Tim...but enlightening too...

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