When Nobody Listens

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Today our society is ruled by a power structure that makes implementation of solutions to solve the major crisis of our times almost impossible

When Nobody Listens

When nobody listens, a familiar phrase and yet too many times certain individuals say and write the most profound messages that could reshape the human experience but when nobody listens it is all in vain. In a tragic sense there are those who possess demented minds have gone on to do tragic, insane, and unimaginable horrific deeds. It is only after the fact when the tragedy occurs that people suddenly wake up an listen to what is being said. As of yet there still remains the fact that another tragic occurence will happen.

Then there are those who posess knowledge that somehow eludes many. In that respect what they say or write just may have a life changing impact on the rest of mankind. We have seen it all through-out history that many individuals write or say things that have transformed the world. From the many scientific, medical and technological inventions to the wondrous works of art and music through the centuries all have had lasting effects for the betterment of humanity. Was mankind lucky that somebody took the time to listen? Or is it that some people in positions that enabled them to effect change took the time or happened to be at the right place to see, hear, or read what these gifted individuals actually produced?

Amazing that what is available for the betterment of man somehow can be used for humanities destruction. But, when nobody listens to what is being said or when people who could influence and educate the populace on ideas, concepts and reforms that would benefit society ignore or shun away from those who attempt to solve certain crisis society too often suffers. We have seen people in power or the main stream media willfully disregard some individuals who have attempted to call to their attention on ways that would benefit society. Whether these individuals don't fit the "mold" or are deemed inconsequential to the realities of today the solutions that they offer are ignored. Ignored by those who continue to reap rewards, most often monetary, by submitting responses of their own that keep silent those who attempt to affect positive change.

In a world that is so troubling mankind needs all the help it can get. But, when nobody listens to those who actually have worthwhile ideas, concepts and reforms who are actually trying to solve the many crisis of our times deemed not credible for whatever reason by those who are in positions that could effect change is the sad reality we face today. In a society that is ruled by monetary wealth where the amount of cash one has in their checking account is the measure of a man's ideas credibility is as short sighted as it gets. Yet, our society is being led like sheep by a power structure that only perpetuates societies shortsightedness.

The devastating effects are being played out everyday all across the globe. Until we break free from the existing power structure those who attempt to correct the imbalance in our society will never be able to. This is a power structure that has embedded themselves in every level of government. It is also where the rule of law only exists by the amount of wealth it can garnish those entrenched power brokers. The silence from those who have attempted to break the bottle neck of the status-quo is deafening.

A reoccurring question for us to consider: Is our society so out of balance that when one individual or a dozen who don't have monetary backing come up with ideas, solutions, concepts, and reforms that would negate many of the crisis of our times that no one will listen? A very sad commentary for our times. It is like society is stuck in a perpetual vacuum of ideas where crisis after crisis the solutions put forth only create more problems.

There are realistic solutions to the many urgent crisis of our day. Solutions to negate the effects of global warming, put balance in our society, establish world peace and to eliminate famine and drought. These are just of the few crisis mankind faces today. There are solutions that can be readily put forth to ease the suffering of millions all over the world. But, when nobody listens the world has become a most hostile and almost uninhabitable place.


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