When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?

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Most likely, chasing is engaging. In the meantime it is unquestionably noteworthy to have adequate bits of knowledge of essential bore of chasing and in addition security techniques particularly for the amateur and unexperienced bowmen. Before I go to clarify when and how you ought to convey bolts in the nocked position, we have to ensure that you are very much educated of intricate details of bow and bolt alongside its wellbeing rehearses.

When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?

No doubt, hunting is entertaining. At the same time it is definitely significant to have sufficient insights of fundamental drill of hunting as well as safety procedures especially for the novice and unexperienced archers. Before I go to explain when and how you should carry arrows in the nocked position, we need to make sure that you are well informed of ins and outs of bow and arrow along with its safety practices.

Categories of Bow
Here three types of bow are depicted

Compound Bow
Wires and wheels are fixed with its limb to have a full draw so that it can fully pull back and get the arrow faster. It facilitates both target shooting and hunting.

Recurve Bow
It is a reflex design of the limb which is curved back far from the bow’s bed. It is popular as it is quite and smooth.

Stick Bow
It has straight limbs and it is mainly known as ‘traditional bow’.

Elements of Arrow

The long stick of the arrow is called shaft. It is made of fiberglass, aluminum or wood and it needs to be solid to match the bow.

There is a slotted top on the back end of the arrow to grip the arrow.

It is combined of three feathers positioned before the nock to give balance by spinning during its journey.

It is a sharpened tip added on the front end of the arrow. There is a range of arrowhead- Bullet Point, Fish Point, Blunt Point, Broadhead etc.

Safety Attention while Bow Shooting

If the archer is inexperienced, arrows can be a dangerous even deadly experience instead of funny and exciting one. Here I pointed out some precautions to follow.
• Make sure that path to your target and beyond to your target are clear before shooting. Your arrow might pierce any object exists there.
• Avoid shooting the arrow beyond the horizon for nothing but pleasure. It could be devastating for a fellow hunter.
• Keep yourself abstain from shooting arrow straight up. It might come back on you at a deepened pace.
• Avoid shooting arrow in the broad direction of a fellow one. It might cause injury or even death to the fellow person.

How to Nock an Arrow

First, determine your target and make your position properly at right angle to it. Keep your feet separate at shoulder width as well. Now it is necessary for you to set the arrow a quarter inch above the rest of the arrow closed to the handle of the bow. After that, hold the arrow between your thumb and index finger. At the same time, hold the bow with the other hand. Of course, your bow needs to be parallel to the ground which is nearly to your waist height. Thereafter, string the bow toward your body.

Now, it is time to lay the arrow shaft down to the rest of the bow. Meanwhile, you should check and double check if the bow string is properly aligned with the slot of the nock and your feather of the arrow is must be in an upward point. Finally, pull your arrow slowly to backward and wait for the firing the string from the slot.

When Carry Arrows in the Nocked Position?

This is important to acknowledge the moment when you should carry your arrows in the nocked position. First of all, you should carefully and gradually approach your target. This is the only stage when you need to take your arrows in the nocked position. But it is equally important to follow the safety procedures you read here earlier. While nocking an arrow, be ensured that there is no one standing in front of your shooting path. Many professional archers recommend the novices to keep themselves abstain from drawing a bow when any individual exists in front of the targeted object.

Also, you should bear in mind that you are not shooting your arrows in a skyward position during your hunting. Because the arrow’s falling trajectory is really tough to confirm and it gets enough pressure during its comeback, it may cause any danger.


Archery is not only an enjoyable pastime but also a threat if you do not follow the safety rules properly and if you are not trained enough. So, follow the safety measures, practice carrying and shooting arrow and make your hunting amusing. Best of luck!


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