When Will We Ever learn?

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Will humanity fall back into the caves or will mankind finally erase their savage inherited contempt for the sanctity of life?

When Will We Ever Learn?

I have started to realize that as we get closer to yet another year in which we are all getting older I ponder how much wiser we all have become. From what I have read, heard on the TV, or continue to see through-out my travels I have doubts as to the legitimacy of our society becoming that much wiser with each passing year. And, with today's Republican Presidential candidates just reaffirms my suspicion. It seems that where ever I go mistakes of the past are so often repeated. As the Kingston Trio once lamented "When will we ever learn?" It was during the era of the Vietnam War that the Kingston Trio recorded one of their most prolific songs that showcased the disdain that the American public had for our involvement in Vietnam. "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" is a timeless example of the circle of life. The reoccurring theme of that song continues to resonate a hard cold truth of reality today, "when will we ever learn?

Through-out each era man has yet to heed the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. It has been our failure to grasp the consequences of our actions and our inactions that continues to keep history repeating, hence "When will we ever learn?" Many have said that the governing of nations and life itself is like a game of chess where the decisions or moves we make without focusing on the consequences of that decision or that move sets the stage for disaster. The world today is filled with chess players. But, it has been the United States that has to be one of the worlds worst chess players around by the decisions our leaders have and continue to make.

With the world constantly changing whether it is through technological marvels or scientific breakthroughs there continues to be an inherited savagery within man that has thwarted much of humanities co-existence. Are we doomed to fall back into the caves of the Neanderthal or will mankind once and for all erase their inherited contempt for the sanctity of life? A most sobering question. One whose time has come to really be answered. And, answered soon for humanity is on the vortex of either destiny.

Exasperating the answer to that important question when the world awaits meaningful solutions coming out of the Global Climate Change Conference we have in the United States top Republican Presidential candidates still in a state of denial. Even when faced with unprecedented evidence of what carbon emissions continue to do to our environment we may just have answered that question if anyone of them gets elected. Even with the latest push by nations to eradicate one of this centuries most malignant scourges we find that humanity still is harboring inherited violent tendencies as evident in our reprisals against known terrorists groups.

It is always been after the fact whether it was to many traffic accidents at the same intersection or our military engaged in skirmishes that only keep escalating that our illustrious most benevolent leaders of state seem inclined to offer half baked solutions to the many crisis that confront us all only to have reoccurrences of those same types of problems to begin with. In some respects technological development seems to enhance the human experience. But, too often after what has and still is being developed most of us are not mentally prepared to deal with the consequences of all that man has invented.

So many instances through-out history there have been many technological advances where man has failed to use what was invented for the greater good. Instead, what has happened is that mankind continues on a path of destruction to reap more power, control and wealth. Too often what was supposed to be beneficial turned out to be the very antithesis of what that technological marvel was meant to do. When Nobel invented dynamite which has so many good and useful uses only to have mankind devise a more destructive use which has brought catastrophic destruction upon all of mankind. A most horrendous and hideous use of a invention originally designed for the good of mankind has ravaged humanity ever since.

It reminds me of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Here was a great film that depicted how mankind has threatened the very existence of life forms all through-out the galaxy by the misuse of nuclear energy. What we did to Japan with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was only a prelude of how inventions have managed to do great harm rather than great good. The destructive powers that man is now capable of continues to threaten all life. And, like in the movie what we have done and continue to do threatens all life forms right here on our home planet. But, the movie isn't all that much different from today's realm of reality. Today's technology has afforded us many devices of destruction that were not around even 80 years ago. We have landed on the Moon and now Mars. Whose to say where next. If we continue to pollute our own planet where ever else we go you can expect the same outcome there as well. I somehow think that if a real life scenario happened like the one that played out in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still would we after all change our ways?

In reality though mankind only reacts with a direct resolution when faced with greater threats. It has seemed that the only time nations respond to crisis that affect their interests is if they are internally threatened or externally threatened. The internal struggles of a nation are a result of many factors. One of the most obvious happens when the majority of citizens are left destitute and deprived of life's necessities and opportunities for better advancements. When conditions that bring about desolation and depravation to the masses this creates explosive inner turmoil that so often results in violent overthrow of governments and economic instability that does affect other nations. As a result a domino effect of violence carries over that intensifies where more nations react with violence of their own. The Arab Spring was a recent example of what does happen when citizens are not afforded the opportunities that staves of economic repression. When circumstances arise that undermine the majority of citizens the opportunity to be self reliant, self supporting and governing and where entrenched leaders continue to ignore the plight of the masses only encourages more violent overthrow.

Half a world away in the Mid-East violence has again taken hold of societies. Where whole populations are thrust into a cataclysm of despair. No longer can the rest of the world sit idle and let nations react with armed assault. Where violence only creates more aggression and repression of people everywhere. Where leaders of nations use violent means to suppress their own. Where the masses continue their violent overthrow to achieve long sought goals of better opportunity. It has happened all through-out history especially in the Mid-East. where cultures continue to display mistrust and open hatred against one another.

So now what we have is a quandary that is intermixed with all the elements that could explode and ignite a global catastrophe. Instead of focusing on the root of many of the insurrections that have reverberated all across the globe we continue to increase the chances of more violent reprisals which only constitutes an escalation of violence which does nothing to solve the root problem of why insurgents have managed to form in the first place. When will we ever learn?


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Nov 2015 (#)

When indeed! Great article Tim.

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author avatar Retired
28th Nov 2015 (#)

wow that was a AWESOME Topic
it covered a lot of areas indeed
keep up the GREAT job :>}

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
29th Nov 2015 (#)

It is very sobering to know that we may be living in some very dark times ahead due to human beings being bent on destroying the Earth through war.

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