When law enforcement officers rob you in Vegas conventions

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Have you been robbed in Vegas lately? My guess is that some might have if they are vendors at conventions. I know lots of loss tons of stuff, even their whole booth, read on to find out who stole from you

securities steal

Just when you think you can rely on law enforcement, you can't. They steal more than your local mob. The second you turn around, they stole most of your valuables. There are many securities companies in Vegas, but most of them have thieves working for them. You just never know and your best bet is to protect yourself and your booth from being robbed. Make sure you have everything you need so you know who robbed you.

Its rather disappointing but many vendors have loss a lot of merchandise and they're bum out but if they took the time to prevent theft, they will be happier at conventions each time. You can never trust anyone when you leave your valuables around. Sorry to say that but don't be too trusting. There are many securities that will guard your booth but ends up stealing from you, so you must take many precautions to avoid theft.

how to prevent theft

Have booth cameras.

When you have booth cameras, it will prevents tons of theft. You can see your merchandise and who steal from you. This is worthy if you have high valued merchandise and not needed if your merchandise are not costly.

Don't display high cost items

If your merchandise are high cost, consider not displaying them cause that will tempt anyone from stealing. You can keep them locked at the booth inside a safe or a locked room or up in your room or luggage but don't trust any guard to guard for you safely.

Know your guards

You should know the name of the guards who are guarding your booth 24 hours. You should know their company as well, that way you can tell who stole what from you. Believe me, you will be surprise when you find out so keep a tab.

Keep a log

Keep a log of the number of items out there if they're expensive and have the guards sign in and out on them with other guards so to make sure that none of them steal from you. Your best bet is to not tempt anyone out there with expensive merchandise.

Lock them up

You can always build locks cabinets and rooms at convention or bring in safe and just put locks on all of them.


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