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Questioning the reason common people will elect an official to represent them in the government of America, never actually directing the official to their own visions for the country or using their rights as a citizen to moderate said official's work done in their name.

American Woman Questions Her Fellow Americans

The Need and Intensity to Act is Rising

The United States of America is where I was born and raised. Other people think Americans feel a sense of entitlement and this aggravates the nerves of Nations that are fighting battles everyday just to stay alive.

I was born with a sense of entitlement, I was raised that way. America was founded that way. All of our forefathers came to this "new world" for that very reason. They felt they were entitled to have different opinions from the government and church, that they were leaving behind. Our forefathers came and were given the chance to let themselves be entitled to Worship as they wished, live freely as they chose and even felt entitled to claim pieces of American soil as there own in a Country full of Native Americans that felt only God could own the land.

But many people were looking for that same thing and if they survived the voyage and made it to the "new world" they found they were free and felt entitled to leave their governments laws governing them far behind and beyond the Atlantic waters they had crossed. This sense of entitlement grew with each new migration to America. Even today those that come to America for different reasons arrive with the sense of entitlement. Feeling that they have also, found a "new world" yet again. It seems just to live in the United States of America, the people here do indeed feel entitled to this "new world" way of thinking.So I'm letting the rest of the world know that when you come to America and begin to live in the American culture, you will also find this "sense of entitlement" ever growing in your heart and mind.

The Betrayal of Entitlement

Yes, that is correct, I wrote those words down for everyone to read. This "sense of entitlement" is actually what seems to put Americans and immigrants more at risk for losing their rights rights from the Original Government founded from within the United States Constitution. We seem to try to fulfill this entitlement to the "American Dream" instead of trying to fulfill the very Constitution, that gives you the right to change your life to a better one from which you came. Whether you came from a previous generation of Americans or from those who have fled from their homelands, looking for the "American Dream".

America has allowed its Government to latch on to the American dream of being rich and powerful and the sense of entitlement because they are the ones the American people chose to represent them. I'm letting the world know Americans are very much like you they want a good life and freedoms that are guaranteed. America has the option of making that happen. Each election year they decide which person from their political affiliation they would like to represent them, an election is held and all parties and persons vote mainly on what they have heard from news sources or from hearsay and everyone of those sources are biased toward their own thoughts of how the "American Dream" can be realized and obtained in future generations.

Thinking of future generations is of course a priority for any country.. The terrible lie about it all, is that you will know what's good for future generations, because, of course there is no real way of knowing their needs, because they are indeed, in the future, and we don"t know what the future holds for America because IT IS IN the future.

We as Americans need to live in the right here, right now world. What are our needs today? Our needs are somewhat complex and yet so simple each American knows the right concourse for America. We need jobs, we need homes, we need banks that cannot rob you of your home from the varying stability of the country, we need food, we need freedom and so many more needs that need to be met TODAY. The future of Social Security benefits? Excuse me, the people who have earned those benefits need them today, not in the future. We need to demand as a people what foremost of the budget is spent on will be the American people's the people Lives, Shelter, Health! We have been mandated now by a somewhat dictatorship part of the government to have our own health insurance, OR ELSE! What has this obamacare done for Americans? The worse thing it could do and that was to take health insurance mandate it, pound it into certain criteria to be met and forcefully thrust it upon Americans. The working American was able to obtain decent and cost effective insurance. Now the working American is overwhelmed with ridiculously high deductibles and copays for doctor visits and medication. Most Americans have seen their insurance become almost unattainable. There are signs in doctors offices all over America refusing the insurance coverage you had last year. Keep your own Doctors? Was deemed impossible the moment obamacare was enforced. Yes, the word used here is enforced! The job situation in America's outlook is bleak! Companies don't want to pay for their employees insurance any more and they found the loop whole of just cutting back their employee's hours so they can't make a 40 hour work week, therefor, entitling benefits Thus, making that person FORCED into buying overpriced healthcare with doctors they do not know.

But it is our fault dear fellow Americans. We just took it. The American Government has abused its people with so many laws and restrictions that we gave in to the abuse. "Battered Nation Syndrome" should be a new term for something so hideous it needed its own name. Where are the Americans that fought for this country, all dead. But they live on within in us and we are made of sturdier material than we think we are. We forgot not only is it our RIGHT to demand change in the Government
but it's our DUTY!

WE NEED TO FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE HERE IN THIS COUNTRY IN 2014! We cannot have healthy future generations coming from a people who will not even fight for their rights in the HERE and NOW! We have watched other countries bravely change their government to let them live more of a free life. We have watched in horror as Government troops of those nations took the lives of the very people they were sworn to protect. Maybe that's what is causing us to be so complacent. Why, goodness me, The United States of America's Armed forces POLICE those governments. What would really happen if we as a people Marched on Washington D.C. to demand CHANGE AND REFORM? Would there be tanks rolled in to force us back would the Armed forces sworn to uphold America's people, march back against them?

It doesn't have to be scenes like that. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! We say what Government should be standing for and WE THE PEOPLE have been taught to live by the Constitution written by men who had seen revolution and Government oppression. They gave us ways to protect ourselves and our country. A system of checks and balances but it has been twisted and misused and blatantly disregarded. Don't cry foul! Cry out for CHANGE Demand it! You can simply google your Representatives for your state they make it as easy as entering your zip code. Links will appear and you will have all the information you need to contact said Representatives! They supply an email address, a phone number, a street address and there you have many ways to be heard and you can do it as simply as posting something on a Facebook page! We have been deceived into thinking we have to pay money to get results. We have been deceived when they told us we need more money for lobbyists to further our INDIVIDUAL causes. We need to contact those men and women we are directly responsible for electing and demanding they make America a good place to live in TODAY! We were deceived to think that they can only be swayed by money and power, Our voices have the right to be heard. Our voices guiding and informing those representatives of what we the American PEOPLE deem good and necessary! So stop reading this and go google your representative and CHANGE AMERICA! Electronic lists demanding different things for government to do are not worth the time it takes to add your name and instead of that you could call, or email that very person and let your VOICE be heard. They aren't listening to passive aggressive internet petitions, they know those can be influenced by anyone with an agenda, they are not going to do anything about one of those. I signed one. It made me feel horrible when the same thing came through the next day wanting me to "sign" again and give all my information, come on my fellow Americans who really are seeing those petitions? Not our Representatives obviously. Don't you think one would have used it for Political gain by now? Its OUR voices! Each and every individual calling, emailing, writing and inundating them! Show them the real VOICE of AMERICANS SAY STOP! Think of how motivated a Representative would be forced to be if we all used our voice and told them what was acceptable and nothing less than that!

Too many Associations have taken loads of your money and time trying to get you to stand behind their Association's cause. Your cause can be answered best by keeping your money in your pants and calling the Representative yourself. I mean let's admit it we have our particular Associations and we give them money and they say they are working hard for you. But guess what, an Association has one voice and a lot of statistics that may or may not be correct. But do not be weary! Our voices are important and outweigh statistics by far! I did it. A few Days ago. I actually didn't know the man I voted for because if he was republican he was good enough for me. But I realized good enough for me is very different from what's good enough for him. I found him by using google. He had an "email me" button, his phone number was there, his work address to send the mail, was all there right there on his page. I told him what I personally thought needed to be addressed. But my cause may not be your cause, let the American PEOPLE be heard not lobbyists, not Associations, The American People must take action and let each one of our voices heard! So take up your arms and put them into gear and type, point, click send dial or grab a pen because Up in Arms doesn't have to be bloody massacres, between the Government and its people. It is use your arms to use the instruments you have at hand a phone, a computer, a tablet, or pad! Don't let lobbyists and Associations speak for you anymore.



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