When the night falls after the world was young

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Nothing ever stays the same. Everything is change. As long as reality is in motion, there can never be anything that stays still. With that said in an "easy" way, I begin this article and sections.

Innocence lost, experience gained

I know, I am going to have some poetic titles to these sections, but some realistic content in line with what is happening today. Indeed, experience and understanding are the only protection when it comes to "surprising events" in existence and life.

I mean as we get more understanding and experience, more and more happens, right down to complex things, bad and good. Why do I say bad first? There is a reason growing pains are called growing pains when we want things to hold for a while in a lethargic way and stay "nice" for a while.

Life and existence as we can tell by the forever moving energy, atoms and molecules does not work that way. Sometimes, I wish I could honestly say something does work that way, but, in my articles and confessionals, I can only be honest and tell the truth. Life would be nice if we could lie to ourselves and play it off "for real". That is not possible in any reality. Especially in what we are living in now, and why we are living in it.

We have too much experience and lost innocence to go back to "simpler times" and "have more fun" so to speak. Sometimes, like many of you, I wish for this, but I do know that it is not possible.

Experience and youth

Experience is what we trade youth for. That is reality, no matter how much we want to keep that universal youth, the experience is inevitable, even if it is at a "slow, crawling rate". Nothing stays still, nothing really sits still, no matter how we want to say "perfection!" It's just not possible, "stand still perfection" really is a mind created fantasy to keep people asleep, fearful and "innocent".

I am sorry if I am "bursting some bubbles" here, but, learning is not forever, mastery happens, but, existence is forever, energy only changes. Hence, my saying that there are not any pedagogical infinities in existence, only genuine ones that change incessantly. This is where trading youth for experience comes in.

Endless change and growth versus stand still perfection

I am going to keep this article briefer than the short classic "A Message To Garcia" by Elbert Hubbard, but in it, I want to put just as much (or more) food for thought for you to genuinely chew on. When you think of the endless nature of energy and change genuinely, the only perfection there is could be genuinely growing harmoniously with that energy and change. What do you think the real message of the Transfiguration of Christos or to put it into plain English, the changing of the light really is. The only perfection there is in reality is the genuinely harmoniousness with change. Trying to stay in one place is always impossible genuinely. This is what makes perfection a mind created concept, and constant change the ultimate reality, not just in my eyes, but in the reality of existence. There are no permanent wins, and there are no permanent losses, only consistent action, change and reality. This is the ultimate advanced concept of reality.

The message

Indeed, the message is not so much in what everything says or teaches. It is objectively in what the message does. If it shows reality and changes thinking about reality, that is what counts. Anything else is "just a stamp collection" or "wall exhibit of the past". If you want to genuinely understand the present and the future, understand change and action in the now. Perfection and the "ideal" is purely in the past or yet to be created in each present we find ourselves in. Let go and take action to create an ideal now, you will not find the ideal in the past or in any other time.


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