Where Is Our Moral Compass Today?

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What the recent Supreme Court ruling has done for the future of the US.

Where Is Our Moral Compas Today?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages we have to remind ourselves just what made this country great in the first place. Our founding fathers founded this country on the core values of Christianity and that includes the predominant acceptance and practice of the Ten Commandments. For over 200 years the US has followed those core values. The sociological shift in our society of the past 50 years though as given way to a new acceptance of a more moralless society. No longer are we following the basic acceptance of our forefathers in the confines of Christianity. Even in other religions around the world have similar beliefs that pertain to basic moral behavior. Islam has had a very long acceptance that any type of amoral behavior is an affront to Allah. In Christianity too that amoral behavior such as homosexuality is an affront to God.

Today, there is a sociological acceptance that continues to undermine the basic moral fiber of America. Many consider the old fashion morality of yesterday not in vogue and in line with the more progressive and promiscuousness of what is actually happening not only in America but in many other parts of the world today. Once that moral fiber is decimated to the point of what we are seeing today especially with the ruling of the past couple of months in Ireland and now the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages leaves open to a total evaporation of the principles laid down by our founding fathers. Heaven forbid we regain that old fashion value and moral fiber of our grandfathers where marriage was actually practiced between a man and a women. A father and a mother both partners in a monogamous relationship to which they are parents to their children. Call this old fashion but studies have all concluded that children, our youth, not only fare better academically but interact on a more sound sociological level than children raised by a single parent or parents of the same sex. It should be noted the our national symbol the Bald Eagle when it comes to maintaining a monogamous relationship with it's female partner they really soar much higher than the country they symbolize. They actually mate for life. This, considering that today the divorce rate far exceeds 65%.

We should remember when Reverend Billy Graham supported legislation to ban same sex marriages in his state he pointed to one very important facet of American society today. That is the overall morality in this country has been eroded almost to the point of no return. We also have to remember that any society that looses sight of basic moral values no matter how strong militarily they are that society is doomed to fall.

Never before in the history of the United States has there been such an uproar over gay rights. And, now with the United States in line with Ireland and soon other countries will endorse same sex marriages that point of no return is that much closer. Sure, there are instances in the animal kingdom where biological mishaps occur. In humans we too sometimes have genetic alterations that confuse the individual's sexual orientation but not at the epidemic proportion it is happening today. In no other culture is there this amount of attention and emphasis put on same sex unions. Could it be that monetary considerations ably apply?

Now, we have the leader of the free world whose obligation it is to lead not only this nation but be that moral compass for our society as well. To philander to special interest groups, to defy the sanctity of marriage, and to openly endorse what some would call perversion is pretty much steering this country down that slippery slope of moral decay. Are we to become the next Sodom and Gomorrah? Is this nation the next to fall like ancient Rome? These are questions that need to be answered now. No longer can our moral compass lead this nation down that path we have been headed on for over 40 years.

What began as liberalization and loose interpretation of America's Constitution and the Bill of Rights has pointed our moral compass in the exact opposite direction of the path our founding fathers charted for us today. When Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration Of Independence stating inalienable rights these inalienable rights come with a moral obligation to fulfill. The United States was founded on four basic concepts: Liberty, Justice, Education, and Morality. All of these are the most essential principals for a society to flourish. It is no more evident of what moral decay has done to our society today. Just look at how far the United States has regressed in educational standards compared with 50 years ago. When one of these four guiding principals is ignored or displaced all the others equally erode guaranteeing societies fall.

It is time that American's elected officials the ones that write the laws that steer this country use this moral compass to put this country back on the path that our founding fathers first charted. This comes with the convictions and re instituting the morality of our founding fathers in every piece of legislation that is passed.


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29th Jun 2015 (#)

It is important not to confuse religion with morality. Religions impose a form of morality on their members, but should not assume that non-members are subject to the same ethical code.

There are many systems of morality that have nothing to do with religion, but are usually based on a foundation of natural justice. These often overlap with the dictates of certain religions, but this is by no means always the case.

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