Where Is That Hero Of Yesterday?

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the United states at this time in history really needs a yesterdays hero

Where is That Hero Of Yesterday?

At a time so distant where ordinary men were called upon to do extraordinary things heroes were born. It was at the turn of the 20th century that Theodore Roosevelt rode into the history books. During the First World War Black Jack Perishing and Sergeant York galloped into American consciousness. Then came yet another great war where Audie Murphy, Eisenhower, Patton, MacArthur, FDR, and so many others whose heroic exploits and decisions made it possible for the world to emerge from unimaginable evil and horror. In doing so they captured the imagination of generations.

It is through heroic deeds of man that have always set in motion the inspiration for others to emulate the characteristics of those who have done extraordinary things. Whether they have saved the world from destruction or have invented the marvels of technology. Yesterdays heroes were a breed apart. They were clearly defined. After all we have come to know them as wearing the white hats of goodness and virtue. The evil intentions of others as depicted and so often associated with black hats and attire was clearly visible. Many a generation came to understand the good that came about from the heroic acts of not only actual events but fictional characters as well.

Yesterdays heroes of movies and television where so many especially the youth visualized in imagination that they too could do extraordinary heroic deeds. If it wasn't for yesterdays heroes many of the worlds great inventions would never have been realized. If it wasn't for yesterdays heroes the world would be a much darker more inhospitable world today. Many of the baby boomer generation can remember that those early Saturday mornings when TV was young yesterdays heroes we so often saw defined our generation. There was Captain Midnight, Sky King, The Lone Ranger, and even Roy Rogers. Ask any baby boomer today those yesterdays heroes inspired a nation.

Today, where the world is more convoluted and complex, where there are more gray areas than ever before one has to ask, where are yesterdays heroes? To most the answer is that they can be found on so many movie screens in all those action adventure movies where on can escape maybe just for a couple of hours the harsh reality lying in wait just outside. Even today with the world actually facing evil adversaries a yesterday hero even they do exist society as a whole has yet to embrace and thrust them into the consciousness of the world. And, yet much of the media are focusing all their attention on the likes of all those Dudley-Do-Rights in light of this political season. Mainly the Republican Presidential contenders, fighting evil intentions of those Snidely Whiplashes have made the political climate of today just as comical and entertaining of those characters of generations ago.

When we really need a yesterdays hero to gallop into the hearts and minds of man to save the day a yesterday hero has yet to appear and rally a nation that is floundering and can't seem to find it way. Could it be that yesterday's heroes are as out dated as the rotary telephones? Could it be that a yesterdays hero where like in the opening of Superman comes to fight for truth, justice and the American way has become just as obsolete as the American way? Are we as a nation so lost in our own self absorbency that we forget that a yesterday hero like in the past has not only inspired a nation to greatness but helped preserve the future for other generations?

As sobering as these questions are the reality facing the future of this nation and the world if a yesterdays hero doesn't come galloping into the consciousness of society remains just as bleak as if Snidely Whiplash finally gets his way. It is every generation that has to realize that an yesterdays hero is the only hope for a nation to preserve the heritage of our past while guaranteeing the future for all. Is it too late for an authentic real live yesterdays hero to awaken the publics consciousness into realizing what has been done to a country. A country that for years has only created the largest wealth gap while immersed in the greatest national debt in history.

The United States is at a turning point. In this political year where decisions are going to be made on the course this nation chooses we have to remember that it was only a few generations ago where real live yesterdays heroes directed this nation onto a path that enabled the United States to achieve a level that only a few nations have attained in all of history. Since the mid 1970's though America has lost sight of what a yesterdays hero can do for a society. The moral virtue of a nation has been allowed to wither and die on that same vine of lost opportunities. The moral decay has allowed an overgrowth of political correctness and expediency to decimate the very core of the goodness and virtue that a yesterdays hero has always stood for.

Only when a true yesterdays hero, one who has the moral character to inspire a nation to rise above the decadence that has been allowed to overtake a society. A yesterdays hero for the times of today who can rally the public to denounce the policies that have strangled and enslaved millions of Americans is what is truly needed at this point in history. The policies of the past and present have only kept the ladder of upward mobility so far out of reach for millions has placed the United States right on the edge of the deepest financial and economic abyss in history.

A yesterdays hero, one has to wonder who could it be? Will the media embrace the newfound moral virtue that has long since been overshadowed by the overgrowth of decadence that has influenced this sociological change where a yesterdays hero is deemed irrelevant today? Will the public respond to a new voice of reason, compassion, humility and benevolence? Or are we so indoctrinated in apathy, denial, self absorption and self gratification that we can't find the light of decency, truth and logic?

In this political year where the future of America really is at stake that hero of yesterday may just be gathering momentum. Public enthusiasm is now generating that snowball effect. It is this snow ball effect that will overshadow the media's attempt at focusing on those Dudley-Do-Rights of the Republican party. Will that snowball express sweep over this nation and put the United States on track to pull away from the abyss of disaster? Let us hope so.

It is so sad that a yesterday hero hasn't been championed the way they were today. When sport figures are worshiped not for their athletic powerless and other so called celebrates including how the media embraces our politicians today have warped the consciousness of so many in our society to think what is acceptable behavior today when years ago was totally unthinkable. It really is up to all of us to recognize that yesterdays heroes are alive and actually doing extraordinary feats every day. It is time for us to make a yesterdays hero relevant again to save the day for us all.


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author avatar Ptrikha
16th Aug 2015 (#)

Today we have many shades of Grey- where even some of the villains have a background story and justifications and even heroes are not so clean- so the choice is much more, well complicated?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Aug 2015 (#)

Modern media brings everyone down with a thud and even our past heroes will find the going a tough ride. Democracy without rule of law is akin to anarchy and politics 24/7 will mean too many road blocks along the way - siva

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