Why Obama always win

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Winning in the face of adversity- Despite Republican hatred and obstruction, Obamas administration continue to press on ,experiencing growth and success.

Why Obama always win

Napolean Bonaparte- "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"
Have you ever really hated someone, hated them to the point where you cannot see straight? Was your every living , breathing moment consumed with bringing about the demise of that individual, and did you fantasize about that demise coming about in the most horrible manner? Was that individual " a traitorous friend" or lover, a rival for your lovers affection?. Was it that cute guy or girl in school who succeeded at everything, was the most popular and could do no wrong? Was it someone who took something away from you-job, home etc.
Whatever it was, at some point in mostly everyone's lifetime, they have experienced some of ,or simillar feelings for someone who has made them feel less than by some word or deed.
Of course part of growing up is understanding that holding on to these feelings usually leads to self destruction. Hatred is like a cancer, it eats away at you, consumes you and saps all your energy, but most importantly, while you are spending your time hating on that particular individual, he or she is going forward with their life usually being fruitful and productive in their every day life.
Popular case in point, Barack Obama and the Republicans. I've heard so many people comment on this situation, querying why? and then concluding that the Republican simply cannot process the idea of a black man defeating them not once but twice. To them it is inconceivable, especially since they did everything possible to make sure that he did not suceed.
Now you might be wondering how i've come to the conclusion of the Republicans hatred, let's examine the facts and then we can have a conversation as to whether I am right or wrong.


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author avatar Marco Demasi
9th Jun 2013 (#)

Sheron well put..Obamas Success eats away at the Republican Party and republicans in general...

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author avatar Barbara
10th Jun 2013 (#)

I don't think that racism may be the only source of hatred. Some hate Obama because he makes efforts to protect poor.

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