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Reasons why we should all read, including making us better people, smarter, and for entertainment purposes.

You Have Nothing to Lose

If you don't like a book, then the only thing you have lost was a few minutes of your time, which was not necessarily yours to begin with,especially if you read on your commute or while waiting in the waiting room. However, you have lots to gain by reading. You can learn new, entertaining stories, have stress relief, and stimulate some more brain cells.

Copyright Date Doesn't Hinder Entertainment

There have been many times that I have gotten less enjoyment out of a good movie or TV show because I couldn't get over the dated looks and special effects. It's very hard to take the original Star Trek seriously when some of the aliens have their clothes made out of place mats and we see a shot of Earth that looks like a fifth grade science project. With books, you control all of the images in your head and you can update it all in your mind as you read for even more enjoyment. You can't complain about bad special effects and hairstyles in books when you control everything in your mind.

Reading Is Cool

Okay, this definitely an opinion and not really a reason to read. But it is cool. You're playing a movie that only you and exclusively you have access to because even other readers will picture it differently. If that's not cool, I don't know what is.

It'll Make You A Better Person

Studies have shown that reading makes people more empathetic to others because they get used to seeing things from other people's perspectives from third person limited and first person books. You really can walk a mile in someone's shoes when reading.

It'll Make You Smarter

Even though there are plenty of things on Netflix that are inspiring and informative (if you look really, really hard) TV is still not as stimulating as reading books. With TV we take in information passively. We only absorb it but we don't do anything with it. With books, we are constructing images in our head, meaning it is not passive. We must actively do something with the information to make it process and this stimulates our brains and makes them smarter. Like with all muscles, the brain needs to be exercised to stay in shape and reading is a good workout for it.


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10th Jun 2015 (#)

Online sites like Wikinut makes us not only to read but write too - sort of interactive when we comment and support others, thanks for this post - siva

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