Why is It Called The World Series?

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As a non American, I wanted to find out why the USA’s Baseball tournament is called the World Series.

My thoughts

I’ve only recently got interested in Baseball. It is a an enjoyable sport, and one that offers hours of entertainment with some buddies.

However, I have one question for my transatlantic cousins. The Fifa world cup has national teams playing from all around the world. But why is this baseball competition called the World Series when it only seems to have American teams? I had to investigate.

The History

The World Series as we know it began in 1903. There were Baseball matches before this date, mainly playing under the ‘American Association’. The ‘World Series’ consists of a “Best of Seven” match between the Champions of the American League and the Major League Baseball competitions. The winners are called the “World Champions”.

But where does the ‘World’ come into the competition? The Baseball teams are nearly all from the USA. Occasionally a Canadian team slips into the final but it’s usually a States team.

My Theory.

The world is a big place. It’s tricky for teams from all around the world to come into one place to compete. Most Baseball teams are from the USA. It’s like the Premier League in the UK for football. People from all nationalities come to the USA to play Baseball at the highest level. Japanese, Mexican, Cuban and even the occasional Brit have played in the USA. The World Series allows people of all nationalities to play at the Highest level, it’s just a more popular sport in the USA. It is strange naming quirk that it’s called the ‘World Series’, only because it began in the USA, and hasn’t developed fully as an international sport yet.

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author avatar Denise O
21st Oct 2010 (#)

That's a good way to look at it.
I have been calling it that, all my life and never gave ut much thought.
I wonder what that says about me. hmmmm
Thank you for sharing.:)

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