Why people become Terrorist or joins Terrorist Group

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I will talk about why people becomes terrorist in my own opinion, why they fight and die without fear so that they can prove what they believe in.

People only wants to protect what they own

As you all know, in Middle East there are wars going on especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries that have connections with terrorist and rebels. People from Middle East are mostly Islam in religion and they also have rich supplies of crude oil in their countries that is one of the causes of war that USA started so that they can take control of the abundant supply of crude oil in Middle East. They wage war to take over a country by force, but many people of middle east doesn't want to have other country to take control on their own natural resource, that is why people rebel and fight for the freedom of their own country.

Rebels can terrorize a whole country

Yes, rebels can terrorize a whole country with bombing and mass destruction by high-jacking an airplane and crashing it in the tallest building in the world, like the 9/11 attack that cause a lot of casualties or suicide bombing a bus or other public places where many people gather and they never stop terrorizing until the true enemies of their country withdraw and never comes back to take over their natural resources. They don't think twice and not scared of dying because of what they believe in is true and we can't deny it.

Hero of his country

Osama Bin Laden a very famous terrorist in Middle East who is now dead was a hero in their country for fighting against the USA and their armies. He is the founder and leader of the militant group called Al-Qaeda, who is also responsible for the 9/11 attack and many other bombing that accord during his time. USA call him the most wanted terrorist in the world, but in his country his is their hero that fight for his country's freedom from the US government that wants to take over Middle east so that they can also control the crude oil supply.


Terrorist are the ordinary people who are desperate, they rebel because of the government, they are the voice of all oppressed people that saying, the government should pay attention to their problems and to give back what theirs.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th May 2015 (#)

Terrorists are desperados, but they should find their voice through other means to right what they think are wrongs done to them- siva

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
5th May 2015 (#)

I think so too, but governments are blind and greedy, they only think what's good for them or how they make their lives better. They just ignore the cries and needs of ordinary people that's why they grab attention through terrorism

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
5th May 2015 (#)

Thanks Siva

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
4th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your article. I agree with Siva. I think this would be a much better approach to a problem. The simple fact is that two wrongs do not make a right. There must be a solution to the problem.

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
5th May 2015 (#)

Thank you Nancy, yes there is a solution but they just don't want to do it because of stubbornness.

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