Why the MoveOn.org Endorsement of Bernie Sanders is a Big Deal

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MoveOn's endorsement of Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is important because the organization's membership consists of hundreds of thousands of committed liberals who scarcely ever refrain from voting, and the site always endorses candidates its membership supports.


The progressive website/blog www.moveon.org counts over a million members/subscribers, virtually all very committed, politically aware liberals. A large number are politically active partisans, the type who will ring doorbells on behalf of cause or candidate, who will contribute to campaigns, and who may even drive you to to the polls on election day.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, MoveOn announced that Bernie Sanders had won their poll of members in the Democratic nomination race between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley, and the results are nothing less than astounding.

The tally

The group's members cast 340,665 votes in the poll, which breaks down as follows:

Sanders won 267,750 votes, or 79 percent.
Clinton won 49,811 votes, or 14.5 percent
O'Malley won 2,949 votes, just under one percent
An additional 5.9 percent were undecided or felt it was too early for MoveOn to be endorsing a candidate.

Sanders' vote total and percentage smashed all MoveOn records by a mile.

According to MoveOn's members, the number one reason Bernie won the poll so handily to win the endorsement was his "lifelong commitment to standing up to corporate and 1% interests to fight for an economy where everyone has a fair shot."

Second on the list was for his initiatives to end the drug war, mass incarceration, and police militarization.

Other reasons included his opposition to the Iraq War and other foreign military interventions, as well as the fact that he is seen as more "electable" than is Hillary against any prospective GOP candidate.

Are you listening, Ms. Schultz?

Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz is a most powerful Democrat. She is chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and an unabashed, enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton for the nomination. As such, she is pulling out all the stops by doing whatever she can to see that Clinton grabs the nomination. She has scheduled only six Democratic debates, believing that the less public exposure Sanders gets the better it is for Hillary. Moreover, she scheduled all of the debates to take place on Saturday evenings, when television viewership is at its lowest. While the mostly weeknight Republican primary debates have been drawing upwards of 22 million viewers, the Democratic debates have been seen by considerably less than 10 million.

The corporate media also ignores Sanders. Mainstream media outlets virtually never mention his name. Although in a Gallup poll of likely voters, Sanders is more electable than Clinton - he beats Donald Trump by a margin of 51 to 38 percent while Clinton beats Trump 47 to 40. Trump has been given, in terms of network air time, in a six month period, 288 minutes of coverage, and Sanders, less than 20 minutes.

All of these factors point to the obvious. Despite the media and the DNC trying to disappear Sanders from the conversation, the people want Bernie. Bernie is far more electable than Clinton.

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Sanders photo from the Wall Street Journal
Clinton photo from hypefish.com
Wassermann-Schultz photo from wikimedia commons


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
13th Jan 2016 (#)

On every Democrat poll he seems to win, surely by now forging an unassailable lead. I guess we shall see how the primaries proceed.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
13th Jan 2016 (#)

The Democratic establishment are doing everything they can to derail his campaign. Yes, we shall see.

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author avatar Retired
14th Jan 2016 (#)

I think that he is going to be the nominee for the Democratic Party. The Clinton and the Bush days are over and Hillary as good as she is may as well face the fact and help Bernie to win the Election.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
14th Jan 2016 (#)

I agree jonbee79. Thanks for commenting.

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