Wikileaks Sparking Off World War Three

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With all those confidential diplomatic cables leaked and floating around the world-wide-web, almost everyone on the globe has read the contents of those U.S. cables.

WikiLeaks Revelations Will Bring About the Bible's Revelations!

The U.S. cables have long revealed what the American government thinks of its allies and enemies, it’s nothing good to say the least. As the White House is downplaying the seriousness of the leaks, countries from the Middle East haven’t said a word about it. This silence from Arab countries is troubling, a storm might be brewing. America has now added more countries to their list of enemies and those foes might be planning something sinister.

End of the World

World War 3 is amongst our midst. Iran could be the 1st country to launch a full scale attack. America thinks it’s invincible but those are just illusions, they are putting their citizens at risk, they should have learned from the Twin Towers Disaster (that’s if they didn’t cause it themselves). Just watch this space – soon American tourists will be disappearing all over the globe, more terrorist attacks will occur and then finally Armageddon – World War 3, 2012 – The end is near...


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author avatar Denise O
29th Jan 2011 (#)

Well Blunt, I have never saw one piece of evidence that we literally caused it. America has never been a perfect nation. Really, which country can honestly look at themselves and say they were perfect. Meaning, did we cause 9-11, no, in my opinion. Have we always been straight with the M.E, well no. Have they always been straight with us, well no. I have done extensive research on this subject and I have read many of governments documents from far back as the early 80's. I have read others research in books going back to the 1960's and my conclusion is. No countries hands are pretty. Just by the facts alone, just like every other regligion, there are those that take peaceful words and twist them. Heck I see hate in all so called 'religious' folks, no matter the name that is put on them and this was done by RADICAL, wrong thinking muslims. The Muslim folks I have met on wikinut and in so called 'real' life are the most sweet and generous people I know. I respect their beliefs as they do so with mine. I respect those no matter what, if they're good people, then who cares about it all, they are good people! The world needs more of these folks.
We can only bame those that were so hateful and killed so many inoocent people, just doing their daily grind that day. Us Americans were absolutely horrified as most watched it on our TV set. My kids were at school, my husband was at work and my older brother was at his day school. Me and the dogs watched it unfold, I was in a hospital bed, in my living room, recovering from a horrible year physically. I could use my wheel chair around the house but, what was so hard was...
I could not go grab my loved ones and hold them. No, mean hateful people did it. I do not blame a entire race, religion or country for what they did. No more than I blame all christians or the US for the actions of one so called 'Christian' person, Tim McVeigh's (sp*) mean and hateful act.
Now, do I think we need to watch ourselves, you damn right! These are not good times, sad too say. If we all could be accountable for our own actions and just love each other for our differences, as much as our many things in common, then we will all be at peace. I am so sorry I took up so much of your space. I had to come read the article, it is good and it intrigued me. Good read.
As always, thank you for sharing.:) .

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author avatar Denise O
29th Jan 2011 (#)

Geesh sorry dude. I was just going pop in and out and I wrote a book. Really, sorry.:)

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