Will Google's new CEO end Google's great Indian identity theft fraud?

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Though the indian media has given a lot of coverage to the new Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, Btech 1993, IIT Kharagpur, Google has allegedly behaved extremely cheaply and dishonestly encouraging powerful fraud officials in indian intelligence agencies to steal the resume, retirement savings of a brilliant single woman engineer with Btech 1993 EE degree for as many as 8 lazy inexperienced greedy cheater goan sluts , brahmin and other cheaters

Will the new IITian CEO end Google's alleged identity theft fraud on other IITians

The indian media has given a lot coverage to the new CEO of Google, Sundar pichai, of Indian origin who got his metallury degree from IIT Kharagpur in 1993 , claiming that it is an example of how Indians are successful in the tech sector. Yet few know that in India Google and other companies have allegedly been involved in a major identity theft fraud on a brilliant single woman engineer who also got her degree in electrical engineering in 1993 from another IIT for the last 5 years. Google may not approve of link sellers as they are competition to Google adwords, yet is the identity/resume theft of link sellers for call girls and cheater , labelling them a security threat without proof, justified?

Knowing how the seat allocation in IIT's take place, the single woman engineer would have got a much better All India Rank (AIR) in the entrance exam , yet today Google and other companies have allegedly bribed top officials to waste infinite tax payer money to destroy the reputation, finances and health of the brilliant engineer using sophisticated invisible directed energy weapons in Goa, India Though the single woman belongs to the Other backward classes , she got admission to the top IIT without reservation, yet she finds that the shameless fraud brahmin officials are ruthless in defaming her without proof to steal her resume for their mediocre call girl and cheater friends, relatives.

Having studied in IIT , he must be aware of how hard students study to get admission to IIT, yet a brilliant single woman engineer from Btech 1993 EE from another IIT finds that she has been defamed, cheated exploited, subjected to resume theft, denied her fundamental right to earn a living by powerful dishonest officials allegedly bribed by Google to destroy competition. There are few women in IIT Btech usually less than 15 women in a class of 300+, is it right that a woman engineer who by most standards is the one of the most brilliant women in the country leads such a terrible life evading the powerful fraud officials who want to steal her impressive resume for inexperienced lazy greedy call girls and cheaters

The single woman engineer, webmaster and domain investor, has also received an email from competition commission of India to be party to the case against google to destroy competition. Powerful officials allegedly in R&AW, NTRO, CBI are bribed to abuse their powers and falsely claim that their lazy greedy friends and relatives own all the assets of the brilliant obc engineer, especially domain names and websites and have her resume and have stolen her retirement savings without a court order . Will Google at least now have the grace in India to stop bribing dishonest intelligence agency officials from giving fake references of the Btech EE degree of the obc engineer. to their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends, to humiliate their IIT classmate and deny her the opportunities she deserved.

It is extremely unfair for the brilliat obc engineer to pay her hard earned money for domain registration, renewal, and atleast 8 lazy greedy frauds like goan 2013 bsc sunaina, 2012 diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,2005 BBM shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater nayanshree hathwar, gsb lead thief riddhi, stock broker asmita patel, veena, ruchika and other well connected frauds falsely claim to own the websites, domain names to get a salary and great powers because of their powerful friends, allegedly bribed by Google. None of these mediocre women have even managed a single website, spend a single penny on the domain names, yet all these frauds are getting great powers, while the real webmaster is not getting anything at all

Domain renewal and registration, content, webhosting remains expensive and will Google have the grace and humanity to stop allegedly bribing the shameles cruel fraud Indian intelligence and security agency officials wasting indian tax payer money to steal the resume of a brilliant obc single woman engineer for mediocre lazy greedy call girls who sleep with them and well connected cheaters, falsely claim that these frauds own her Paypal account,domain names, website. If these officials were not offered an incentive they would not defame the engineer and webmaster

If Google would prefer if the domain names, websites are owned by goodlooking and well connected women, Google should have the grace and honesty to purchase the expensive online assets of the brilliant single woman obc engineer for the mediocre frauds it has approved in India and got lucrative intelligence agency jobs allegedly in R&AW.A large company like Google can easily afford to purchase the online assets of a small business owner, a single woman, instead of bribing officials to falsely claim that various frauds own her online assets to defame her professionally and socially

Today the brilliant harmless obc engineer finds that she is being denied her fundamental rights to privacy, earn a fair living in India ,her retirement savings of twenty years, correspondence are stolen without a court order, because Google and other companies have allegedly bribed corrupt officials to destroy her life for their corporate goals. Allegedly she is also being subjected to daily human rights abuses causing great pain, memory due to the human experiment she is being subjected to, making it difficult to work. She cannot even make or receive phone calls, smses without these calls being diverted to the Google approved frauds

Mr Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, IIT Kharagpur 1993 when will Google behave in a more ethical manner, with greater humanity, while dealing with competition, especially if the competitor happens to be a single woman engineer who also got her Btech degree from another IIT in 1993? Identity theft of the competitor is a very cheap way of destroying competition, there are more ethical methods to acquire technology and expertise which Google does not have.

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