Will New Years Day Change, To DECEMBER 21 ?

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There's sure a lot of talk about the New Age in the News. Am I a Daydreamer; or is the media Making Money off a dead horse? With out the celebration, I'm not sure New Years Day would be different from any other. You hear and see what they are saying, there's a New Day, coming on December 21. I Believe we will have to deal with 2012, like any other Year.

New Age in the News

Everywhere I look in the news, I keep seeing articles about, the Mayan calendar, with all sorts of speculation, about this theory and that prophecy. Isn't the news supposed to be about what is actually happening, instead of made up possible scary catastrophic events to boost ratings. There is enough of that reality happening already.

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calender operates on a thirteen day week and twenty day month. A fifty two year round cycle. Plus a three hundred sixty five day solar year. The stone carving is round and said to be a representation of a full cycle of our solar system in respect to the center of our galaxy, the Milkyway. There is speculation that because our solar system is riding high this cycle, it will not be protected by other galaxies in the disc around the center.

The milkyway

Can you believe that; speculation considering, that the only pictures taken just recently, show a universe so large; it will take lifetimes to make sense of it. I prefer to use my calendar.

Am I a Day Dreamer?

Is there something I'm missing, or is the media, plugged in to the same cabala as the authors of thees profit-sees? One book and movie after another, on how their traveling all over the earth, trying to dredge up proof, the story is worth your dime. Please tell me; am I a Day Dreamer? If there is one logical shred of evidence proving eminent danger, I want to know all about it. So far it looks to me like their making money off a dead horse. I am more concerned about mankind and what they might do to each other.

Will New Years Day be any different this year?

I have attended over 50 New Years Day celebrations and, except for people having fun or getting into trouble for drinking to much fun; I honestly did not experience anything different, from any other day, that wasn't from my own, extra effort for the occasion.

There's a New Day coming on December 21

Yes there will be a New Day on December 21. There will also be phenomenal astrological event taking place involving the center of our galaxy and our solar system. You hear and see what they are saying, like planet x is going to pass between the moon and earth. Oh yeah it's a rouge planet, you haven't heard about it; because of the conspiracy. Don't worry, this was supposed to take place in April, of this year. I don't think that blog will have much activity from now on. I don't plan on running out to buy a Mayan calendar and I would be surprised if anyone replaced their current calendar with a round stone like this one. This is the sky I'll be looking for.

I Believe We will have to deal with 2012.

I believe we will have to deal with 2012, like any other year. I will have a barbecue on the 21, as an example to those who bet on dead horses. When January 1 arrives I will E Mail and phone my friends and loved ones to say I LOVE YOU! and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I Think New Years Day will stay right where it is. I believe it will look something like this.

I am glad I started writing on wikinut before the new year.

This is turning out to be a great experience. I am taking it serious and want everyone who reads this to know; the first four pictures, I found on Google Images. I'm glad I clicked on http://www.wikinut.com/in/tlhpgj/


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Sep 2012 (#)

Lovely and down to earth share, James. We need to worry about those within our control, not about rogue planets that may have a will and purpose of its own! Let us not forsake our duty hoping that we will be fully taken care of on December 21! siva

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author avatar DuitByJames
18th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank You I get cross about those who make money by causing distress with twisted lies.

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author avatar Vartika
18th Sep 2012 (#)

Nice share James. Let's live each day and let nature take care of its business. Enjoyed reading this.

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author avatar DuitByJames
22nd Sep 2012 (#)

Thank You Vartika

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author avatar vpaulose
22nd Sep 2012 (#)

Nice info. Thank you.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
25th Sep 2012 (#)

A very well written article, and interesting too to read. Thank you DuitbyJames.

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author avatar LOVERME
28th Sep 2012 (#)

there is always certain amount of method in madness
but the new year has a scientific diction...
let them not forget
MAYAN calendar only ends in 2012
the world doesn't
it will have its usual SUNRISE
and for humans that will be no surprise.

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author avatar DuitByJames
3rd Oct 2012 (#)

I agree. I believe different is normal and carbon copy brain washing is insanity. I have faith and hope of my own choice that can not be taken away. So I wake up and shed my tears; start smiling and singing to light my day. Some times I really have to work at it. Then it gives me joy. I wish the same for you, how ever you choose to .

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