Will you marry me?

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Now for a more romantic episode of EENDAG... or is it a horror flick? Well, it's both I guess. It's a scary night on the EENDAG set, but that doesn't mean that one can't awaken some romance to brighten up the atmosphere!

Will you marry me?

It's nighttime over the park closeby the Night Train Station. Fwoehoe the owl flies over the trees under which a car is coming in to park.

Inside Gardus and Tjirpie take a look around the area, looking for Muyz. They came to talk business with Muyz, thinking that Muyz can open some doors for them so that Tjirpie's pop star singing career can take off.

They get out of the car and walk towards the park bench. Tjirpie doesn't like this place one bit. She's scared here.

Gardus comforts her and tells her to come sit down next to him. He'll protect her.

"You'd have made a good husband", Tjirpie says in jest.

"Why? You wanna marry me?", replies Gardus.

Wow, this got Tjirpie all excited. The mere thought of them marrying! What would their wedding look like?

Tjirpie goes on a flight of fantasy... what would their wedding look like? Something really beautiful no doubt. Her fantasy comes with a great song to go with it! How lovely!

Meanwhile Gardus is getting worried. He looks over to where in the distance in the dark, the Night Train is pulling out or pulling in. Where is Muyz? This is the right place where they were to meet. Could it be that Muyz forgot their appointment?

Gardus turns back to Tjirpie, but discovers Tjirpie is no longer here. Where is she? She was just here a minute ago!

Garus gets up and starts to panic. Something else is lurking around these bushes.

While he's trying to suss it out, he is grabbed from behind and abducted. What is going to happen to them now?


With thanks to:
Caroline de Kock, Vasie de Kock, Marius Macrobius, Janda Walters


Eendag, Horror, Marriage, Mooiflieks, Wedding

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