Windows Firewall Security And Secrets

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This article is for Windows users who want to protect their computer from online attackers and threats.
Read our security tips for windows firewall secrets.

Windows Firewall Security And Secrets

Windows firewall has ability to selectively block network traffic from reaching a system, the
Windows Firewall makes a great all-around addition to any security checklist. Starting
with Windows Vista, Windows Firewall can be managed via Group Policy, supports
outbound filtering, and also integrates management of IPSec rules, so it can be managed
across the enterprise to implement a comprehensive Windows communication security
program. (Technically, Group Policy templates were available for the Firewall in XP SP2,
but complete integration is available in Vista.)
Speaking of IPSec, don’t forget that IPSec rules offer some additional properties
beyond Windows Firewall, primarily the ability to specify the type of protocol and
authentication that must be enforced for specific machines to communicate. This enables
virtual segmentation of large networks into IPSec-protected zones.
If you implement IPSec filters to protect your servers, make sure that you check the
following Registry value:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\IPSEC\NoDefaultExempt, REG_DWORD=1
In Windows 2000’s default state, this value does not exist, and IPSec filters by default
exempt certain types of traffic from filtering (see KB article Q253169). This gives attackers
an opening through which to bypass IPSec filters entirely. Setting NoDefaultExempt=1
narrows the window significantly by removing the exemption for Kerberos and RSVP
traffic. You will manually have to set up specific filters for Kerberos traffic if you need to
allow it. This Registry value will not block broadcast, multicast, or IKE traffic, so be
aware that IPSec filters are not airtight protection.
Now what you should do to make your windows firewall block every online threats:--

1. Install any Internet Security Tool like- Avast Internet Security which also contains antivirus.
2. Now check which processes are using network without your knowledge.
You can do it using task manager. Block all unnecessary services using network.
3. Never open downloaded file directly from open file option in web browser.

Above three are must do things to block online threats.
Read here for more tips.

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