Windows Remote Control and Back Doors

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Hackers can use Remote Control methods to access your computer reomtely and can use Back Doors to enter your system without your permission.

Windows Remote Control and Back Doors

Back Doors are those torjans which allow attacker to access into a system and access system's data with or without physical control on system.

Once administrator access has been achieved and passwords extracted, intruders typically seek to consolidate their control of a system through various services that enable remote control. Such services are typically called back doors.

One of the easiest remote control back doors to set up uses netcat.
Netcat can be configured to listen on a certain port and launch executable when a remote system connects to that port. By triggering a netcat listener to launch windows command shell, this shell can be popped back to a remote system.

Metasploit framework also provides a large array of backdoors that can spawn new command-line shells bound to listening ports, execute arbitary commands, spawn shells establishing connections , and connect a command shell back to the attacker's machine.
For browser based exploits, metasploit has activeX controls that can be executed via a hidden IEXPLORE.exe over HTTP connections..
Attackers can also use graphical remote control tools . The free and excellent tool for this purpose is Virtual Network Computing. One reason VNC stands out is that the installing it over a remote network connection is not much harder than installing it locally.
Using remote control shell, all you need to do is install VNC service and make a single edit to system registry to ensure stealthy startup of the service.
After setting up everything you can start its graphical interface to connect to target system.
We have discussed best methods that most attackers use to remote contol a system and install torjans to system.

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