Winston Churchill's prophetic predictions regarding the future of India and Brahmins

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How Winston Churchill predicted that India exchanged British rule for the rule of greedy hypocrite Brahmins

Winston Churchill's speech

The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was prophetic in claiming that when the British were leaving India, they were abandoning it to the rule of cruel greedy inhuman Brahmins, who are some of the greatest hypocrites in the world lacking humanity.

In Winston Churchill's speech "From Our Duty in India" March 18, 1931. Albert Hall, London
"To abandon India to the rule of the Brahmins would be an act of cruel and wicked negligence. It would shame for ever those who bore its guilt. These Brahmins who mouth and patter the principles of Western Liberalism, and pose as philosophic and democratic politicians, are the same Brahmins who deny the primary rights of existence to nearly sixty millions of their own fellow countrymen"

Brahmin domination of India in 2015

Though on paper India is a democracy whose constitution guarantees equal rights to every citizen, in reality cunning dishonest Brahmins dominate the country, holding nearly 77% of the top positions in the country, not because of merit, because they are shameless greedy cruel frauds and hypocrites lacking humanity.
They treat other Indians, especially those who are vulnerable as second class citizens ruthlessly defaming, cheating and exploiting them for their own gain. While Muslims, schedule castes and tribes (Dalits) are very united and get support, the cunning Brahmins ruthlessly have adopted the divide and rule policy to exploit the other backward classes(OBC).

The top brahmin officials may falsely claim that casteism does not exist, yet these same officials are ruthless in defaming, cheating and exploiting a single woman engineer who is not a brahmin. The woman comes from the other backward classes who have been poor for centuries. She has a brilliant academic record studied in the top engineering college in the country without reservation. However her ruthless mainly brahmin classmate viciously defamed her without proof, rewarding people who made false allegations against her without proof.

Not satisfied with defaming the innocent woman, these mainly brahmin officials have stolen the retirement savings of twenty years of the single woman engineer without a court order or legally valid reason. Brahmin cheaters like the bangalore housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar and goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who looted or commited corporate espionage on the obc engineer have rewarded for their crime with permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW, India's external intelligence agency, falsely claiming that these inexperienced frauds have the experience, qualification and investment of the obc engineer they cheated,

Brahmin officials falsely claim that mediocre women they are infatuated with like the goan brahmin riddhi , bsc obc call girl sunaina and other cheaters were their engineering college classmate to get them permanent jobs in india's external intelligence agency R&AW This a classic case of how the cunning fraud brahmins managed to get lucrative jobs for other brahmins and their puppets in the government today not because of merit, because of their cheating skills and lies, stealing the impressive resume of their brilliant classmate.

Dishonesty, Cruelty, human rights abuses and lack of humanity

These cruel cowardly brahmin officials completely lack humanity, treat their harmless obc engineering college classmate worse than an animal . They stalk and attack her with the most sophisticated invisible directed energy weapons daily to cause her great pain, memory loss and headache out of hatred. These officials are trying to to cover up their fraud of stealing the impressive resume of the single woman engineer, for call girls who sleep with them and other mediocre cheater women. Despite the best attempt of the harmless victim she has not been able to trace the officials who are attacking her daily.

Like all cowards these cruel brahmin men do not have the courage to justify their atrocities on a harmless woman in an open debate .
Thus the cruel cowardly dishonest corrupt Indian security and intelligence agency officials have proved Winston Churchill to be prophetic when he said "To abandon India to the rule of the Brahmins would be an act of cruel and wicked negligence"


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author avatar Joginder
10th Jun 2015 (#)

You people have not been able to stomach that you are not a power any longer and can survive only by riding piggy back on US. Winston Churchill brought about the downfall of England by a Pyrrhic victory over Hitler that drained the UK and finished it. talking of India your article is typical old imperialist theories and really is a pointless piece.

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author avatar A Sanatana Dharmi
22nd Jan 2016 (#)

You are a truly disgusting brit.The brahmins have been and are the most persecuted group in India, first by the inhumane islamic rulers,then by the white "civilized abrahamic bigots" and thanks to the so called superior British "education" by their own country men.The brahmins,with a few exceptions, have been and among the poorest indians.45 percent of india lives below the poverty line ,for the brahmins it is 55 percent.The kashmiri pandits have been driven out of their homes and live as refugees in their own country with no help from the Govt. Of India.Brahmins are aloof but not cruel.Some of the greatest social reformers are brahmins.Kailash Satyarthi is a Brahmin.If these poor people are Demons according to you it is indicative of you white supremist colonial mindset.

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author avatar Jai
23rd Nov 2017 (#)

100% True

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