With Money Flows Powwer

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A political season with the flow of money comes the power and control.

With Money Flows Power

As the newest entrant into the Presidential foray Senator Sanders just may be that dark horse. A dark horse that sees clearly what is wrong with America today. Many see Senator Sanders as a somewhat liberal independent voice that raises issues with the many policies that have failed the American public. Then again many others mainly Republicans consider him a non de facto in this election cycle. But, regardless Senator Sanders brings attention and opens up the debate on how to remedy the current downward trend this nation has been on for decades.

We have to always remember history is filled with nations and empires that have fallen form grace. The United States is no exception. We must give Senator Sanders every opportunity to bring forth the issues that have rendered the United States almost incapable of stopping our downward slide into an Abyss we will never be able to climb out of.

In citing history the United States is somewhat similar in many respects to 13th century Angkor. A nation that reached great heights only to fall. Our political structure and policies in the US for years has engineered our own demise. The fall from grace from the pinnacle of prosperity for the majority to this shadowy substance we now call democracy.

Many of us remember the late Spiro Agnew whose fall from grace after years of taking a total of a little over $175,000 in bribes and kickbacks while serving as Maryland's Governor and as Vice President. A small pittance compared to the millions lavished on certain political candidates past or present. Many have said that had Agnew created a charitable foundation it is quite possible he would have been Nixon's successor. Instead, he spent the last years of his life as the face of political graft for accepting that ungodly sum. Times have changed and the amounts of money has only accelerated to the point of being obscene that is flowing ever so effortlessly into every political candidates campaign coffers many now disguised as charitable foundations or trusts.

With the flow of unstoppable money going to just certain candidates while others have no chance of ever competing on an even playing field has distorted and corrupted a system that is more ripe with graft than was even fathomed back when Spiro Agnew fell from grace. Both parties Republicans and Democrats are at issue. From the Kochs brothers funneling millions of dollars toward Republican candidates and policies while on the other side the Democrats with the Clinton money generator via foreign so called donations into the Clinton Foundation from places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates all have corrupted our whole political democratic process.

Today, many see Senator Sanders as a clear voice of reason, understanding and good old common sense in relating to the many major crisis of our times. Then again so many others with their own personal agendas ridicule this new voice of reason. With so much of the country under extreme duress considering the incidents in Baltimore and earlier in Ferguson we as a nation must come to terms with what is the root cause of so much social unrest and implement change before it really is too late. It is known that if populations in certain areas are starving or in drought conditions like California and other places around the world while other parts of the US and the world fare much better sets the stage for major civil unrest. The same thing can be said with all this civil unrest within the African American community. If we as a nation aren't careful in understanding the sociological changes and political policies that has manifested the lack of opportunities civil unrest will only ignite a societal break down as we are witnessing today.

In regards to climate change well history again is an invaluable tool in understanding how climate change also has a way of unleashing a catastrophic blow to civilizations. Many civilizations through-out history failed and fell by climatic change. Today's modern world has seen dramatic climatic changes bring destruction, drought, famine, and disease. Those climate change nonbelievers, those Republican stalwarts of political expediency whose own agendas have wrought so much economic carnage onto the majority of Americans have yet come to realize that today we are in the midst of a major climatic change. This nation and the rest of the world really needs to brace ourselves for the impacts climate changes have had on civilizations causing them dramatic sociological and political upheavals to the point of their demise.

Education is paramount, for without understanding the dilemmas facing this nation and the world first and then proceed in implementing the needed changes sooner than latter this nation will self destruct. With money flowing comes power but today with so much money flowing the power is now corrupted. A nation corrupted just accelerates our own demise. Senator Sanders understands this all too well.


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author avatar Legend
1st May 2015 (#)

With great money comes great responsiblity!

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author avatar Retired
1st May 2015 (#)

What a contrast with the UK system!

As you may know, we have a general election next week in which every seat in the House of Commons (there are 650) is up for grabs. Candidates are allowed to spend a maximum of around £50K on the whole of their campaign, with special rules applying to what can be spent during the "short campaign" of six weeks before polling day.

Every penny spent must be accounted for and any candidate who exceeds the limit could be barred from office if they win.

These are the rules that apply to individual candidates as opposed to the general campaigns run by political parties, but even these are nothing like the vast sums spent on US elections.

In other words, it is much more difficult to buy an election victory - you cannot, for example, buy TV time in the UK - election broadcasts are strictly limited in terms of frequency and length on all TV channels.

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author avatar Carol Roach
4th May 2015 (#)

yes America is going through turbulent times

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