Women do get raped; but men are raped too!

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If you thought that only women get raped by men, then you are wrong. More men in the world are raped every minute than women! Now that must be a real surprise!

Why on earth would men rape men? what do they get out of it?

If You thought that women are raped every second in the world by men and men are always the perpetrators than you have to change your mind set. Men are also subjected to rape. Men are raped by men as well.. Any man can be sexually assaulted regardless of their size, strength, appearance, occupation, race or sexual orientation. Male rape can happen at home, work, outdoors, in a car, in the military, prisons, in locker rooms, rest rooms, public toilets, in fact just about anywhere and it can happen to any male. Wartime rape doesn't account for all of these; there are psychopaths, stalkers, arsonists-turned-rapists, and just plain horrible people everywhere. In some countries, having sex with a virgin is considered a way to protect oneself from AIDS-and babies have been raped for this! Some statistics estimate that as high as one in four families have fallen victim to incest worldwide, many of these victims being young boys. In India most young boys from the villages go to the cities to work. To save on costs they live in huddled 100 sq. ft rooms. In the cold months seniors cuddle them ending up raping its victim who can be sometimes as young as 14 years old. Adult men are raped every day in prisons. In America statistics say that a man is raped almost every five minutes in a jail somewhere. But the use of this abominable crime is usually the same, whether it's for control, humiliation, or wartime, and that use is that of a weapon.

It should also be noted that it is not unusual for a male to turn blue during a rape, in part due to shock, and fear of one’s life. Remember, the rapist will no doubt have done this before, and hence be prepared for what happens, but few, if any men, have even considered in their mind the possibility of such things happening and are thus totally unprepared and are shell shocked.
Although gay men are raped slightly more often than heterosexual men this is due more to the fact that they can be the target of anti-gay violence or their closeness to the feminine gender.
Unlike women, most men are never taught to live with the fear of their own vulnerabilities to sexual assault. When they are raped, therefore, they may experience a heightened degree of pure shock and surprise, finding it more difficult to understand what they have gone through.

Some men will feel part of their masculinity has been stripped away, that they have been feminized, or are somehow less manly because they have been sexually abused. Only one percent women are said to be involved in a rape of a man. The act of rape by men on men has been so largely neglected and collectively denied that its invisibility has given rise to the belief that it just does not occur in any society of this world. I think the time has come that the abused must come up and report. Out of 100 cases of rape of men every hour all around the world only 2 percent get reported. Strange! But true!


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author avatar PHYLLIS LOGIE
15th May 2011 (#)

Some very interesting facts about a very unpleasent subject. Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Mahesh Golani
16th May 2011 (#)

Yes Phyllis! Men don't like to talk about this much. But why should unpleasant actions not be banished from society. what is the civil society doing?

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author avatar Retired
19th Oct 2011 (#)

Rape is an act of brutality and cruelty. It is an offence on humanity, a threat on human dignity and security. Such a heinous crime should be condemned and adressed socially, politically and psychologically.

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