Women on the Battlefield

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“Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature.” - Phyllis Schlafly

A Moment in History

“Every country that has experimented with women in actual combat has abandoned the idea, and the notion that Israel uses women in combat is a feminist myth,” -- Phyllis Schlafly. The Defense Secretary noted earlier this week, that women have become an integral part of the military's success. Did he just receive a new revelation, or is it about the President's legacy and him being remembered as the transformational president? Leon Panetta further asserted that not all women will satisfy the qualifications to become a combat soldier. This sentiment is founded in truth based upon my personal experience in the military. For instance, there are guideline differences governing the physical training standards that both genders are required to pass. If one's goal is to infuse equality among the ranks, then everyone should have the same standards imposed when qualifying for certain tasks. There is an implicit understanding that women are somehow the weaker sex. Further, that sentiment is reflected in the way the Pentagon structures certain test requirements.

An Equal Chance

Mr. Panetta accentuates the need for every soldier to have an equal chance to succeed. One can support that premise, but the acceptance of such a movement will be more palatable once dual standards are removed entirely. Opponents of this initiative, can argue that it will further erode the foundation of the family unit. Also, there are some health implications stemming from the lack of personal hygiene for extended periods of time. Even during peace time, it is commonplace for their male counterparts to go a month without showering. This would be applicable to those in the woods conducting various training exercises. Additionally, it is these types of austere conditions that makes women vulnerable to foreign contaminants. At present, one can discover just as many arguments against as they can for such a historic event. Perhaps it would be prudent to look at those countries who have adopted this policy and learn from the challenges that confronted them. History is still an excellent teacher, if one can put their arrogance under subjection. Finally, one is left to be ambivalent regarding the decision to lift the ban on women serving in the military. Why? The issue is overshadowed by a dark cloud of uncertainty.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
27th Jan 2013 (#)

Such a bad idea, I don't support the women's killing mission!

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