Worrying factor of Global Terrorism

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People all over the world are very scary to live in this present times because of the spreading terrorism all over the world. There seems to be no control on terrorism now.

Killing Innocent People

Innocent people are been targeted by terrorists to fulfill their demand and in some other cases, innocent people get killed for no reason at all. Hardcore criminals are spreading their wings everywhere and it is really surprising to see their open training camps in many places. Is it the negligence of politicians or is that politicians are also involved in some way with terrorists is a big question for people to answer. Controlling terrorism is the need of the hour now as they are going on killing spree with the most sophisticated weapons in them. The sophisticated weapons are sometimes not found in police force, but these terrorists are able to get hold of them is really worrying. Unless powerful people support these terrorists, it is impossible for them to undergo training camps or even to get these sophisticated weapons for themselves. It is common to see the daily newspaper highlighting terrorist acts like bombing civilians and killing in hundreds at one shot. What fun these terrorists get in killing people who are not at all involved in anything ? It is very much disturbing when we get to see pictures of people in the pool of blood. Even the kids or women are also not spared in this killing spree by these heartless terrorists who are doing these as a habit now.

World Leaders Should Unite Against Terrorists

People should react very strong now as these barbaric acts of terrorism are spreading their wings very alarmingly all over the world. Unless it is addressed properly, it might be just the end of the world which no one could have expected. First the people supporting these hardcore criminals should be noted down and people should fight against them to remove them from power and may be the media will also be of more help in exposing these powerful people who have power in their hand to support criminals to continue their acts and also to support them in all their adventures. When media gets involved and expose these criminals, people should also come out open in supporting media for the good cause. Once these things are done and it will not be much difficult in getting hold of these terrorists.One has to get them into the main stream of life or if they don't understand , eliminate them to the betterment of the world. It is only because of these corrupt politicians who are supporting criminal acts, these terrorists are surviving or else if the world unites there is nothing which can stop eliminating these terrorists all over the world and save the innocent people who get targeted for no reason at all. Once the terrorism gets over and the world is free of it, people will also get relieved and live happily in this gods own world.
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