Would Biermann yet become president?

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Wolf Biermann's appearance before the parliament and the government in Thuringia have shown that we have the GDR erased from history, so we will not get rid of their shadows and ghosts.

Would Biermann yet become president?

There are moments in these days, because do not want to believe that 25 years have passed since the wall was overcome, 24 years since the State had built this wall. It is extinguished - die the period of time that, for example, between the end of World War II and the moon landing; the time elapsed from the beginning of the French Revolution to the deposition of Napoleon, who had conquered most of Europe in those years, completely changed and then lost it again.

But the German presence looks as if the past, not only were not dead; they do not even seem to be passed: The Shadow and the evil spirits of the GDR sneak through the debates and discourses, and sometimes one is reminded of the saying, with the George A. Romero once explained the essence of the Zombies: If in the memories, in memory and in history is no place for it, reverse the undead ideas back to the present.

So that was this Friday, as Wolf Biermann, who is likely to feel like a winner but the story should sing in front of the Bundestag. He has also sung, but before he spoke, cursed, mocked. And to all eyes demonstrate that it has not yet long been historically his anger at the authorities of the German Democratic Republic and on those, he holds for their successors.

So it is in these weeks in Thuringia, where the two parties that had nothing to do with the GDR, the SPD and the Greens, have only the choice either to secure a former bloc party the majority. Alternatively, equal to the successor party to the SED. And where everyone who has ever experienced the GDR as an adult, like to believe that one's past is past. The other is not. And so they argue about the word rogue state, as if only one absolute refractory definition of this term to the right of presence would be secured.

It is as if the shadows and evil spirits, especially. Therefore, refuse to go away: Because the GDR disappeared so quickly and toneless. At that time, nearly a year after the fall of the wall, the so-called German Democratic Republic is not only the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany is, in fact, joined. She has also joined their history. However, also their origin, tradition and memory.

As this historic crossing works, which could very well all year around 2000 watches, as Angela Merkel had just been elected chairwoman of the CDU. If they what they had to do at that time often because the party was weakened and the other ruled, when they implored the size, the pride and tradition of their party, the backbone of Adenauer, Erhard, the wisdom, the historical fortune of Helmut Kohl, then they always sounded as if they had been hanged as a child Adenauerbildchen over her bed, and in 1972, when they came of age, she had chosen the candidates for chancellor Rainer Barzel.

From her youth in the GDR, in which it was still very good reasons to yearn for freedom and a Christian democratic party, she did not speak. There was so miserable about the East CDU, in the all-German Union then rose as the GDR in the Federal Republic.


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11th Nov 2014 (#)

Awesome post and informative as well, cheers for sharing it!

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