Yesterdays Years

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The years of yesterday have morphed into a somber and more harsher reality.

Yesterdays Years

In this the winter of the Autumn of my years I often reflect upon not of what could have been but on the things that used to be but are no more. It is quite amazing how quickly times change. It seems like a life time ago I had my moments in the sun and yet as fleeting as those moments were the memories have always stood as if it was yesterday.

All through the years I have witnessed so many marvels, whether it was in technology, science, or medicine. Advances that for some have made life that much better and even in many cases longer. But, through it all there has been a gradual transformation from the normalcy of society of the 1950's and 1960's. A transformation from a general benevolence of a society that has now grown introverted. The casual ambiance where neighbors openly shared hospitable overtures toward each other has now disappeared. Today, sad to say those overtures have been displaced by an awkwardness, suspicious demurrers, and so often a general mistrust that has made way to the many security industries that are capitalizing on the growing insecurity of a nation.

Those yesterday years I remember so fondly. It is to bad that today's youth are missing out on the simplicity of that period in time. Sure, back then the world had it's share of internal and international crisis but there was always a confidence that was entrenched in our society. Today, that confidence is shaken by events that have transported our world into a harsher reality. Events that have literally shattered our feeling of invincibility down to it's core.

In remembrance of those yesterdays years as I recall a shared national pride was so evident. In practically every school room across the country where the pledge of allegiance was recited every single day reinforced the pride we had for our nation. Today, it has become obsolete. Our pride in country, and for our fellow citizens has succumbed to the political correctness that has replaced traditional values on which our nation was founded upon. It is quite evident with all the commercialism today our societal shift from my yesterdays years has become infatuated with the allure of wealth, where capital gains are all that matter.

What is occurring all over the country where a once united nation stood steadfast are shattered remnants of that once united nation. Divided and so fractionalized we have become. The political correctness of the times has only further divided this nation. There are many contributors to why I have noticed a sharp decline from the pinnacle of economic prosperity much of the nation was in during my yesterdays years. It was just this past January in the State of The Union Address where the President underscored the need for change in Washington. Change to usher in better opportunities for all Americans. Stymied by the power brokers on Capital Hill to move the economy forward one has to wonder will this next Presidential election carry on with the status-quo? It only seems that those entrenched officials in Washington and even in State Houses across the country are determined to use any means to thwart real economic growth that would benefit the majority of Americas. As a result too many Americans have only continued to slide down that economic mobility ladder. A far cry from the reality of my yesterdays years.

There are many facts to consider when the President unveiled yet another optimistic State Of The Union Address. Of course, it is his obligation to the American electorate to reveal concepts that would trigger an economic resurgence. But, when faced with the reality of those other power brokers in Washington, the mindset of Corporate American, as well as those on Wall Street they have already continued their assault on middle class America. This to a point of almost extinction.

It is time again for a reality check. What economist or bureaucrat in their right mind would tout that making $12 to $21 per hour is considered middle class wages. You know the amount necessary to purchase a home with 10% down, pay for food with out relying on government assistance like Food Stamps and the like, pay for insurance, electricity payback student loans, Internet access, phone, soaking away 10% of your earnings into savings and oh yes, if you have children can be another huge drain on that pittance of your $12 an hour paycheck. We can see where this is really going. To fulfill the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution that would put this country on sound economic footing are the realistic proposals that one Presidential candidate is actually trying to convey to the American public.

We all have to remember that the prosperity of any nation especially the United States is not predicated just by the dominance of wealthy individuals, or culture, even geography, or a rulers expertise but by the institutions of education. These institutions of education makes it possible to ensure economic freedom, attain property rights, having equality before the law, and being able to have trusted enforcement of all contracts. The availability of commerce through markets are not enough. For economies to prosper governments must supply and support educational institutions and only governments can. Without them people have no incentive to work to invest, and to innovate. This is the prerequisite for a nation to foster economic growth and secure lasting prosperity. In those days of my yesterdays years the institutions of education were the institutions that fostered this nation to greatness. In the years since we have experienced a very sharp decline in the quality of educational standards across the board.

What we are witnessing today especially with Republican led legislatures, and Governors is an almost complete aversion of support for education from pre-school all the way to our universities. It was just a few years ago in Florida when Governor Scott pulled the plug sort of speaking on higher education funding. As a result tuition's are escalating more rapidly resulting in lost educational opportunities for thousands of students. When this is happening all across the country not only are potential graduates being denied from graduating due to tuition being too cost prohibitive but many of these would be graduates are now being denied again the opportunities to put that education and apply it in contributing to improving economic opportunities. This by the knowledge gained through education and having attained the skills needed for existing higher paying jobs. When governments fail to support and fund education is like putting the last nail in the coffin of an economy. When Senator Sanders speaks of higher education being tuition free he understands the importance of education in relationship to growing an economy.

In every country around the world where there is little or no educational opportunities those countries are void of economic opportunities and subsequently are kept in a cycle of perpetual economic depravation. The United States is so close to falling into a cycle similar to third world countries where the loss of educational offerings trigger loss economic opportunities. Where there are jobs available right here in the United States but the failure of education and the financial support of education has rendered more and more people not being able to attain the skills and education to apply those skills and education to the available jobs. While this is happening the influx of foreign workers who are more qualified and more concerting is the exodus of available jobs to countries whose educational venues are more abundant and suited for the type of work that is now being offered is having a very negative impact on the economy right here in America.

It is in education that enables societies to flourish. All great civilizations through-out history succeed in large part because of the opportunities available to receive education where the nurturing of the mind as well as the body enables individuals to gain the knowledge and the background necessary to succeed in life. By doing this collectively a whole society and a nation will continue to thrive. This is especially true in democratic societies. The United States, a democratic republic, can only succeed and have lasting prosperity when there is a a greater degree of excellence within the educational systems. Without an educated society or in the United States case a retardation of educational opportunities, society will only revert back to the cave of the Neanderthal.

When governmental policies arise out of political expedience dictate the direction of education as what has been occurring for the past 40 or so years not only undermine our basic core principles but completely point our countries education in an entirely different and potentially very devastating direction not only to our youth but to the future of a country. This foundation that had been the bedrock of our country is now ripe with a deterioration almost so complete that this nation has to now fortify this base or face a very uncertain future. What is needed now is complete Educational Reform. and a firm commitment by our elected officials to fully fund more educational opportunities. Charter schools, home schools, private and public school systems must aline themselves with the sole purpose of preparing the youth of today and the youth of the future for success in life. To be a contributor to society, the economy, to their country and to the world. Education Reform with that purpose will ensure the future of not only for generations to come but for the continuing growth and prosperity of the United States. This comes with a very high price, but the price this country will pay if our elected officials don't prioritize education as fundamental to the nations over-all economic growth is so profound that America will suffer the same fate as other great nations that have risen only to fall.

To achieve this it is imperative that the proposals that Senator Sanders has outlined and ones in National Economic Reform be used to secure the financial resources for not only infrastructure investment but by overhauling our immigration policy with complete immigration reform. Retooling our trade agreements with the stipulation rather than free trade to one of equal trade. We have to start implementing energy sources that are already available to power the third and final Industrial Revolution. This is the only way to have the availability of ever paying back all that was invested to begin with. All of these initiatives require investment. To continue with the rational that many Republicans have where spending cuts especially in those safety nests, Social Security and the military are necessary to off set the increases incurred by infrastructure development is only a continuation of the status-quo. To fulfill the contingencies of the 21 st century and beyond, secure a prosperous future for all and stave off the Grim Reaper of financial and social ruin it is essential to implement National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

We can do more than hope that the next State Of The Union Address will have the support of the American public in detailing this specific plan of direction for short term gain and long term sustainability. Something Senator Sanders understands all too well and is now trying to bring his message before the American public. Reforms that are necessary to complete the revival of this country to one that brings lasting growth, prosperity and security for every American. That is his message. It is up to each and everyone of us to help realize the financial, educational and economic conditions of my yesterdays years return to fulfill the promise that the American Dream can be a reality for all.


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