Youngest mother in the world

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Five year old making history as the world's youngest mother.

Youngest mother in the world

In 1939, a Peruvian, five-year old girl with name Lina Medina was delivered of a baby boy. She gave birth through caesarean operation.
When Lina Medina’s parents saw there child’s tummy protruding they thought she had and abdominal tumor and she was taken to the shamans (religious practitioner) in there remote village. But these shamans could not do anything so her father then took her to the hospital and a month later she gave birth to a baby boy.

Lina Medina was born in the small village of Paurange on September 27, 1933.
She just five years and eight months old when she her child and it was on a mother’s day, may 14, 1939.

Her child was taken through a caesarian operation and the child weighed 2,700 grams which showed that the baby was well formed and in good health. Lina Medina and her baby left the hospital after a few days.

This young mother started menstruating at the age of 8months and at four years she had developed breast and pubic hair, her body proportions were a bit amazing and her bone hardening a bit advanced.

Doctor Lozada who conducted the operation with other doctors (Busalleu, operators, Dr. Colretta, anesthesiologist) was to be hailed because of the great wisdom he applied in helping the 5 year old child. He carried out a detailed analysis since the diagnostic of the pregnancy which raised much curiosity in the country; he took and x-ray of the child and her baby, established a diagnostic of the fetal situation, and observed the state of functionality of the little mother who started menstruating at the age of 8months.

Lina Medina’s son called Gerardo was named after one of the doctors and later discovered when he was 10 that the person he grew up believing to be his sister is actually his mother.

At age 40 Gerardo died in 1979 from a disease that attacks the body’s bone marrow, but there was no clarity that the illness was due to the early birth, while Lina Medina got married and 33 years after she had a second son which was in 1972.


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25th Jul 2015 (#)

Who raped the child? And sadly, there is a rare ailment of accelerated growth and development that causes such. Possibility is dormancy parasitic pregnancy from womb wherein she essentially carried her sibling as her own child.

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