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"I don't know anything about politics" is so often heard when an election comes around. Why does anyone think this? Why does anyone say this? Discuss!

"I Don't Know Anything About Politics!" You Say.

"I Don't Know Anything About Politics!".

If that is true then I am a monkey's aunt!

What you are saying by uttering this sentence is that:
1. YOU have NO OPINION about ANYTHING and
2. YOU DON'T CARE what is taken from YOU or
3. YOU DON'T CARE how YOUR money is spent.

I'll take these three points separately.

1. You have no opinion about anything.
Just take a moment to think about that. ..........................................................
Hey presto! ................... You have an opinion!
Either you agree with this sentence or you disagree. Well you may also be undecided, but that involves an opinion too - that is, you neither agree nor disagree.
Is that ambivalence? ............................... Discuss!

2. You don't care what is taken from you.
Well I have news for you - YOU DO!

You may not care that money or possessions are taken from you. You may think that the thief has more need. But even the major religions determine that theft is a sin. If you are of the Christian persuasion then you have heard the story of Christ and the money lenders. All Governments deem that theft is against the law.

But money and possessions are not all that can be taken from you.
What about dignity?
What about freedom?
What about LIFE?
What about...............................?
Oops, be careful, you might think about other things that can be taken from you!

Oh dear, you have an opinion!

3. You don't care how your money is spent.
I bet you do.
I also bet that you would rather make the decision yourself about how it is spent. And that is your OPINION.

You have an OPINION!!!!!!
That is POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!

Now please allow me to ask you a question.

Do you know anything about Politics?

If you answer:
"I Don't Know Anything About Politics!"
then what you are really saying is:

1. You have NO OPINION about ANYTHING and
2. You DON'T CARE what is taken from YOU and
3. You DON'T CARE how YOUR money is spent.

And to top it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. You DON'T CARE what happens to anyone or anything else - your mum, your dad, your grandma, your granddad, your kids, your grandchildren, (Jenny) your best friend or girlfriend, (Jack) your best mate or boyfriend, your husband, your wife, the environment, the old, the young, the less fortunate, the more fortunate, animals and YES even pets!

And I DON'T CARE what you say I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!

That's my opinion.



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author avatar Johnathan Rapp
12th Nov 2010 (#)

You're totally right.

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author avatar bronnamdi
4th Feb 2011 (#)

You are correct. We are all politicians since we have opinions on all matters. However, being an active politician is another matter.

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