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In idealistic world, there are no wrongs. But the world is far from idealistic. Racial prejudices are part of the system we created ourselves.

Animals do not recognize themselves in mirror

They do not understand what the fuss about beauty is all about. There was an experiment with Gorillas, and big cats. These animals did not recognize themselves in the mirror. We humans do. Not only that, we spend a lot on clothes, and cosmetics. Now, even surgeries, to look good. It is a different issue that we are told we look good if we wear something. We also accept changes in that view. That is why clothes that were fashionable a decade ago will not make us look good now. Fashion trends dictate our likes and dislikes about "looks" and "beauty". The rule is applicable even to buildings, artifacts, and many other aspects, including selection of partners, and friends. We unconsciously select a group in which we are comfortable according to looks.

We created this environment

A simple thing called choice may be the cause for such thing. We get to choose. Animals don't. Without such choice, there would be no great ambition to work towards. Everybody would be satisfied with little. If we choose our clothes, why don't we have right to choose skin colors?

There lies the hitch..

Under normal circumstances, it would not be so bad. But difference is obvious. And when small altercation comes up, racial remarks are inevitable. At times, historical facts, however trivial, are brought up to make a point. This is valid in the case of all downtrodden in the society, or religious groups as well. I live in India, and the world knows we have gender bias out here. I am only highlighting that this is reality. Merely denouncing it verbally will not suffice.

So do we try to pull the wool over our eyes?

It is wrong it should not happen. True. But it is happening. What should we do? Existing methods are not working. Existing laws are not working. All laws have loopholes, and human being who implements them.

What can be done

I have two step formula for this.

1. Force parents to bring up their children right and as law abiding citizens through laws
2. Have the downtrodden or racially disadvantaged bring down their numbers, for a while, till better technologies arrive so that they can replace the few genes that segregate them from the rest. There will be solutions in the case of others as well, just that I have not thought them out as of now.

Existing laws disconnect parental duties from needs of the nation

This happens in the west as well as the east.

Instead of treating the disease, the laws hand over guns to treat the symptoms.

Many people do not want to admit facts

Well meaning people. Honest people. Compassionate people. They are few in numbers, and they are right thinking folks. But they cannot change the world. It is like trying to use fresh water to clean dirty pond. That is not likely to happen. It is better to think of out of box solutions.


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author avatar Retired
20th Jun 2015 (#)

Good points made. I agree with you. Thanks Vandana.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

That is one of the reasons why I dislike living in this world now. Its all like "Today the new fashion is one sandal and one shoe! If you do not wear it, we will pick on you and beat you up!" I do love the freedom of not always having to put on make-up 24/7, but it sucks when a certain group can't do the same. I really do wish that girls can treat guys like their own, and vice versa. But of course, feminism has been around for centuries, and have made great changes, but not complete.

You are right about how the animals around the world don't get to decide on the fate of their environment.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

Things have changed so much over the years. But I do not know whether there can be perfect balance between the sexes. For certain roles one is suited, for others the other. But everyone should have the freedom to live their lives according to their wishes as long as they respect others too.

Thanks Vandana for your observation - siva

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