the things we forgot this weekend in america

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this article reflects how the american society is more material than spiritual and how the thanksgiving day is less important for the people.

the things we forgot this weekend in america

Hello to all my friends, I give you the most beautiful thank you have enjoyed my articles, well I come to speak as in the usa, Thanksgiving Day, has become a secondary matter don't give you the importance that it deserves.

The day to thank our Lord for the good things that has given us as a house, a car, family and a job to survive.

I am very confused as it is given greater importance to the malls that just want to make more money, we forget that many people die of hunger in the streets with no one that will help them and do not have a roof to live.

Another thing that gives rage and desperation is to see the single homeless are given food that day as if there were no 364 more for dealing with them, the reality in America is wasted food and money but not be help people more needy.

We are a society so false , so hypocritical, on one hand we pray you to the Lord will help us to become better human beings and on the other we see as we do not follow the teachings of Christ to help and love your neighbor as yourself.

the teachings of the pilgrims are no longer when america came and shared food with the Indians, only seen the damn Black Friday to fill her pockets at the Megastores that invade us every day with their repulsive acts of selling products, we actually are indoctrinated to consumption.

the moral values of fraternity, kindness are marred when we see how the pockets of people spend lots of money on material gifts but we are not a society to eradicate poverty, unlike the sponsor.

It's a shame people think only in turkey, cranberry sauce and put the Christmas tree while we forgot the more poor and our Lord who his son jesus died on the cross to give us everything that we have.


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