warning,Smart TV Can Also Hacked

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according to research at Columbia University Network Security Lab armed with a 1-watt power amplifier,smart TVs can be affected by attacks "man-in-the-middle-attack."

Smart TV Also Can Be Hacked

Two researchers from Columbia University Network Security Lab discovered security holes in smart TV device. With the gap, hackers could run without being able to know the location of malware.
According to the study, armed with a power amplifier with 1 watt, smart TVs can be affected by attacks "man-in-the-middle-attack." Attack called the "Red Button" the attack (in accordance with the red button on the TV remote), is the signal injection method as happened in the early days of cable TV.
Malware that spread will run automatically when users watch TV channels that have been compromised. The malware will run in the background without the knowledge of the owner of the TV.
After the spread of malware, then hackers could steal data stream and send it back with the same frequency.
In a short time, homeowners electronic devices, such as computers and printers can be controlled. Hackers could make a post on the Facebook account with the stolen login data, and make the printer print lottery hoax.
Reported by Forbes (06/06/2014), the attack is also difficult to trace, because hackers never presents itself in the Internet network that has an IP address or a DNS server.
The only way to know where the hacker is to send many vehicles with antennas to the location, and triangulate the signal. But at that point, the hacker would have been blurred.
There are several ways to prevent that from happening. The most extreme way is to disconnect the internet connection. The second approach is to monitor the device as a network. The third way is by requesting confirmation from the user when to run an application in a smart TV.

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