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The process of exploring the "twilight zone" in the deep areas surrounding the coral reef in the Caribbean, to discover the many types of fish, a previously unknown in science.
Scientists at Oxford to significant discovery about the cause of the absence of life on Mars, despite the presence of water in the CRUST of the planet surface.
What global warming aka Climate Change, has done and continues to to to all of the planets life forms.
The moon passing between the sun and the earth causes the sun to be partially or totally obscured. A total eclipse is expected in August 2017 when the diameter of the moon is bigger than the diameter of the sun, resulting in the blockage of direct sunlight and darkness during the day....
What is the future of the human race? Scientists have found out that if human beings are to survive in the near future, we will have to explore and colonize other planets. Whether we finally decide to make the earth completely uninhabitable with the growing levels of global warming or...
So, what happened? Speaking briefly, then the red dwarf 2MASS J23062928-0502285 (his second name TRAPPIST-1) found 4 new exoplanets, size, density and estimated surface temperature of Earth-like and Mars. And now explain each word of this sentence.
Astrophysicist from Europe and North America for the first time were able to trace the evolution of the former red supergiant after only three hours after the explosion of a supernova of type II. The outbreak in the neighboring the Milky Way galaxy NGC 7610, recorded in the world ...
Shacks sea sponges were the most resistant animals in the world - they have gone through all the major mass extinctions of flora and fauna, and served as the main "restorers" destroyed the planet's ecosystems, according to a paper published in the journal Current Biology.
The catalog presents star of every galaxy, as well as their brightness in the wavelength ranges from ultraviolet to infrared
British Geophysics, representing the University of Reading, said that the year 2050 will have to approach the minimum of solar activity. According to scientists, this phenomenon is dangerous for electronic equipment in the world, and for the inhabitants of the planet.
The Earth has a surprising variety of facts related to the geographic Earth itself. For example, time zone differences caused by the Earth's rotation is also one that is caused due to the geographical conditions of the earth.
Coded messages found on rock formations on the Moon.
The new study, in the course of which have been studied microbial community - microbiome - in the human gut, chimpanzees (our closest ancestors), bonobos (the so-called dwarf chimpanzees) and gorillas revealed that the microbiome form species with their Host. Thus, the scientists were...
What role originally played seemingly useless female orgasm that total from his swim bladder of fish and hamsters, why can not fertilize artificially, says science department "Gazety.Ru".
One of the biggest threats to a sustainable lifestyle, say vegetarians and vegans, is animal protein. Read this article on how Sustainable Foods Made Better With Science
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