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K2, also known as synthetic marijuana or spice, is a dangerous drug with no benefits and absolutely no relationship with real marijuana (cannabis). The deadly drug, sold largely in areas with a homeless or recovering-addict population, is now illegal in New York City.
The problem of hair loss is quite common these days. As per the latest researches, a normal person loses around hundred hair strands each and every day. However, there’s nothing abnormal in this as the hair gets immediately replaced by a new set in the natural process. Unfortunately...
I am going to explain the story of whether the group Planned Parenthood that is to counsel pregnant women who don't want to be pregnant and have an abortion. Some say they are selling the fetus organs, do you believe it?
The world was left in awe when a virus has risen once again. A virus that was once in hiatus came to life and killed, approximately, 1, 548 people. This catastrophic phenomenon alarmed scientists and researchers for its undecipherable components, which is needed to find its cure. With...
I am sure glad that workplaces such as offices, shopping centers and factories are implementing smoke free environment in most countries. Smoke free work place and smoke free public places.
According to a new report, Britain has 2.6 million vapers. Despite the increase in the number of vapers, these figures are a bit worrying because more smokers are not taking advantage of e-cigarettes to help them quit the lethal habit.
Recently, there were issues regarding use and ban of noodles marketed by a certain brand in India.Most parts of the Nation have also claimed the health hazards related to the fast food and many have stopped purchasing the favorite dish of most kids now. What are the health issues ac...
There are various organizations that offer different type of weight loss programs. Some organizations have even made use of modern technology and the Internet and as such, if you are partial to a particular program offered in a different city or country, you can still sign up for it o...
The food industry is a prime source of all the ills that have befallen the US today.
This hormone has been popular ever since it was first produced in a synthetic form in 1985. Hormones are simply chemicals that are produced by the body and give instructions to other parts of the body. As well as stimulating the growth of bone or muscles, this hormone also regulates s...
this page talks of the death of parents from HIV/AIDS and the effects it has on the children who are left behind, we need to stand in support of the orphaned children.
Warning to the public. If not sure of the safety of food or drinks sold in public eating places , especially those inadvertently adulterated with cockroaches, houselizards, etc., and foul-smelling, don't hesitate to report the matter to constituted authorities.
Written, directed and produced by Colin Gunn, who grabbed our undivided attention with “IndoctriNation”–a film exposing the end result of government involvement in public schools– “Wait Till It's Free” is another powerful documentary that will forever change the way you lo...
A little history on vaporing and the product. What is in the new vaporing e-cigs? This tell about the chemicals founds in these. This was written in 2013.
In Kiel, twelve people died in them: Multidrug-resistant germs. Furthermore, in Frankfurt hospitals one knows the problem.
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