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There has been an on going slaughter of Americans by way of chemical warfare in the form of chemical based medicine.
Additionally, HTTPS ensures better security from malicious attacks and hacking or any other suspicious act on your website.
At the end of life comes death and sometimes earlier than expected from mostly normal causes due to old age, health and disease but then there are those who die from strange and not so strange unheard of causes.
Scientists from the University of Southern California, the United States, claim to have found an effective way to combat diabetes.
Who does not like chocolate. It was a sweet and bitter for a fun option to unwind. Warm chocolate was much in demand by everyone. Not only tastes good, it turns out chocolate also contains antioxidants that are good for health. Dark chocolate is a great choice because it is good for h...
Bacterial growth can be triggered by antibiotics. This was reported by staff of the University of Exeter, who worked with the culture of E.coli bacteria Escherichia coli - this type can cause a person pain in the stomach, diarrhea and even lead ...
We are well aware that Healthcare is the most crucial part of our life. It helps us to live a healthy and happy life because health makes us live perfectly. But what is the need to develop this sector and why?
Water testing laboratories are of immense help for consuming water is pure and free from any sorts of contaminants. Need for environmental testing or more can also be gathered from these microbiological testing houses.
Cell phones transmit and receive radio waves that are electromagnetic radiations. These radiations are non-ionizing and are not harmful but constant exposure to these emissions can cause irreversible damage.
I think the benefit of a free gym membership would be more valuable than free healthcare but you need healthcare of course but prevention of illness is priceless. Don't you think? And giving them a free gym membership is cheap but could cut down cost by seventy percent.
K2, also known as synthetic marijuana or spice, is a dangerous drug with no benefits and absolutely no relationship with real marijuana (cannabis). The deadly drug, sold largely in areas with a homeless or recovering-addict population, is now illegal in New York City.
The problem of hair loss is quite common these days. As per the latest researches, a normal person loses around hundred hair strands each and every day. However, there’s nothing abnormal in this as the hair gets immediately replaced by a new set in the natural process. Unfortunately...
I am going to explain the story of whether the group Planned Parenthood that is to counsel pregnant women who don't want to be pregnant and have an abortion. Some say they are selling the fetus organs, do you believe it?
The world was left in awe when a virus has risen once again. A virus that was once in hiatus came to life and killed, approximately, 1, 548 people. This catastrophic phenomenon alarmed scientists and researchers for its undecipherable components, which is needed to find its cure. With...
I am sure glad that workplaces such as offices, shopping centers and factories are implementing smoke free environment in most countries. Smoke free work place and smoke free public places.
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