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The snake plant effect is not simply its ornamental value in homes and offices but a natural air bio-purifier, based from two studies and an exploratory to support a local handicraft industry. Read on to learn from these studies. Part I here is about the plant and the U. S. study.
What the impact of climate change is doing to increase the population of the worlds poor.
It’s time to clear the air about climate change. Little more than propaganda occupies public discourse on the subject. When we separate CO2 science from prevailing social agenda, we find that climate change is more about eliminating fossil fuels than it is about eliminating life-su...
Pope Francis will visit the White House on Tuesday, September 22. Besides discussions with invited transgender activists, a gay bishop, and an activist nun, the pope and president are sure to talk about the Earth becoming “an immense pile of filth” too. The papal hyperbole has y...
Northern Ireland ban for GM foods announced by Environment Minister
Gina McCarthy is in trouble. Her EPA is in hot water. Arizona Representative Paul Gosar filed articles of impeachment against the EPA madam for high crimes and misdemeanors following false statements made in several congressional hearings.
When we think oil, we think about money. Everybody knows oil producers are rich but do you know these people aren't always perfect, and there can be toxic byproducts of oil drilling
As Obama toured Alaska this week looking for so called damage caused by global warming, what he found instead was a 'half-baked Alaska.' Using Alaska to promote the hoax of the millennium, the president’s connection was too far-fetched to believe, which is what led to the amusing m...
Discusses the impact of slowing ocean circulation upon hurricanes, the Gulf of Mexico and the rest of the United States
Bears are growing in size and stature, and that could be a bear-sized problem.
Wikinut writer LeRain has been on a mission to convince readers that climate change is a hoax ever since she joined this site. It's time someone called her out for writing her tales of fiction.
President Barack Obama leaves Monday for a three-day visit to Alaska. There, he is likely to see what he calls “damage” caused by global warming where others see beneficial changes in the local environment. Which is it: damage or benefit or abusing a beautiful thing? We descri...
Governor Jerry Brown and CARB (California Air Resources Board) set California on an austerity course to halve its petroleum consumption in 15 years. The lie accompanying the proposed law is this: “we can meet this target, strengthen and grow our economy.”
Did the EPA want the toxic spill at Gold King mine to happen or was it just an unlucky mistake? The question has occurred among the folks in Colorado along with the rest of the country intent on understanding EPA motivations.
Native Americans of the Navajo Nation resent the neglect of the EPA, the U.S. eco-agency that sent more than 3 million gallons of toxic mine wastewater down the Animas River and into the San Juan. Water for Navajo crops, livestock, and human consumption comes from the San Juan, which ...
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