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The future looks desperate in light of what our leaders continue to do
In a way the times of today aren't that much different than they were some 80 years ago for many
What the United States needs so much is a definitive plan of direction to right the wrongs of this current Administration.
Today the world including the United States so many individuals actually feel like they have crossed over into The Twilight Zone
The crisis that the United States is facing today.
This article is about a recent air crash where a US Bangla air craft crashed during landing in TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport) Kathmandu, Nepal. Though the real summary is still under investigation, I have tried my best to figure out what might have caused the incident which res...
How congress acted in a criminal fashion and enacted the greatest deception on the American public
The madmen in Washington have once again proved that they will stop at nothing to achieve their diabolical ends.
The United States is now a fascist state run by the corporate world.
The dreams we have reflect our day to day existence.
A future that would be bright would happen if we had a intelligent designs in our government
How the Rothchild's gained great influence in our monetary system
The most severe financial crisis is looming right on the horizon.
The times of today are very similar to the crisis that led to the financial catastrophe of 2008
This shows through two separate incidents at different times in history that our government is using the very people as scapegoats for their own inefficiencies.
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