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Climate Change is real a a real threat to our planet and all life.
Public Figures often come out of their extremely packed schedules to help out the less fortunate. In this article, we are going to read about Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva who is one of those generous public figures to have helped the needy at various occasions.
Why there is so much turmoil in the US a a rush to get rid of so many monuments.
This article explains why the United Nations is so important for world peace and why the United States must take the lead.
The real reason why more of our population have succumbed to major illness and disease .
Why General George Patton was murdered and a cover up ensued.
Why the world today has failed to heed the lessons of history and in again headed toward disaster
Why the United States continues to engage in military actions without a uniform plan for complete victory.
The story of Camelot and King Arthur and how it relates to today.
The planet is face with a clear and present danger that no leader is seriously addressing. The fate of mankind is at stake.
Truman mad one of histories most drastic mistakes and we are still paying for it today.
Remembering a time in the not too distant past compared to the realm of reality facing millions the world over
Today the United states is ushering in policies that will plunge the world into darker times
Why the United States continues to use military force in areas all over the world when ever there is conflict.
Feminism is a socially destructive movement around the world. This article will lead you into some of their ill-conceived agenda.
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